Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend of Showers

I hosted a shower for my brothers fiance, Ligia, this weekend. Thanks to all those who helped make it a success! We had a wonderful time with lots of good food.

A BIG thanks to my cousin Angie for making the invitations. A BIG thanks to my Aunt Nada for making YUMMY Bajio burritos. A BIG thanks to my cousin, Susie, for making the best chocolate covered strawberries ever! (my new favorite treat by the way) A BIG thanks to my Aunt Karma for the fruit and cinnamon sticks. A BIG thanks to my Aunt Marcia for making the favors and bringing her fun Mexico decorations! And a BIG thanks for everyone who came and supported us! I didn't have to do much but I couldn't have pulled it off without everyone's help!

Family in attendance

Miss Attitude

Ligia was so sweet and had everyone in the room crying! Brady is lucky to have her.

These were the centerpieces. Didn't they turn out cute? I'm obsessed with decorating with fruit lately. A BIG thanks to my cousin, Emily, for helping me arrange them!

We had another shower for Ligia on Sunday with the other side of the family. Thanks for hosting Loni and thanks to all those who helped. It was a fun weekend of wedding celebrations! I was also able to attend Ligia's endowment session at the Bountiful Temple. I've been so happy to be a part of this special time for them. We are on the count down now... The wedding is this Saturday!


The Shupe Ohana said...

that was a really fun shower, Ligia was so cute, and it was so fun gettin to know her, i am so happy for her and brady, good luck with everything this week. Your house really was beautiful, you have done an awesome job decorating. you need to come help me!

Cathy said...

Your centerpieces turned out greatI You've always been really creative!

janet said...

What a BUSY weekend! Love all the pictures. You are seriously a blog pro. you are so quick with updates!

DEE said...

Way to go! I hate hosting stuff!! The guests are cute, and your house looks GREAT!

lynnie said...

Hi Karlin....most importantly.... your hair looked MAUVE OHH LAUSS !! hee hee Your blog is adorable as are you, your house and family. I recognized someone from your bunko party: Manal Hall -she just moved from our neighborhood... she is wonderful, glad that you will get to know her!
I am going to try some of your centerpiece ideas!

Shaundee said...

Karlin...are you seriously perfect at everything??? You are way too talented and perfect! Come train me someday.