Thursday, November 6, 2008

Proud To Be An American

I am so proud to be an American! I love our country and all the freedoms we enjoy for being American citizens... including the oppurtunity to vote. Barack Obama was not my first choice for president (I REALLY wanted Mitt Romney and still do) but Obama has been chosen and I will support him. It actually feels good to have the election over with, doesn't it? It's obvious that our country is divided and it's my hope and prayer that Obama will work to unite us.

Yeah for Proposition 8 passing! That is such good news for all my Cali friends. Except Jason and I couldn't help but think that if it didn't pass then maybe some of you would move to Utah! That's okay. We' ll take a visit. I admire so many of you for all you did to fight for Proposition 8.

My friend, Jana, posted some inspiring articles on her blog that if you have time to read I recommend. One is about George Bush and is a good reminder that we should RESPECT our President and my favortite one is written by Mitt Romney called "One Matters For Impact."

Lastly, Jason's brother Brandon is leaving next week to Iraq. Deep down I'm scared to death for him but I'm so grateful their are soldiers willing to fight for us and our AMAZING country!

God Bless America, Home of the Free, Land of the Brave!


janet said...

great post, Kar. The election was inspiring and I am so glad it's over too! Now what is Jason going to read/talk/stress about? jk. I know he'll find something!

Prop 8 passing is great news, but it didn't pass by much.. it shows that the morals of our country are falling. 10-20 years ago it would have never been an option. I think this proposition was good for all of us to take a stand for what we believe.. the church is getting a lot of persecution, but that's okay. We need to stay strong no matter what! Love you!

Tracy said...

I have been most concerned about how divided the country has been in the last several years. Obama's acceptance speech said everything that I want to hear. I felt so happy to hear him acknowledge my concern and speak to unifying the American people. I have felt for a long time that people were identifying themselves more by their party affiliation rather than their nationality and it has been worrisome. I find him to be a very inspiring speaker and I hope that he is the same as a leader.

Just as a sidenote, this was the first time that I have voted in the US since I received my American citizenship. It was a good experience for me. It felt like a historic moment for me personally as well as for the nation.

Harbach Family said...

I am so glad that the election is over...I couldn't sleep for days. I do have to say that it was beautiful that history was made. I let Mya stay up with me to watch the election. She ended up falling asleep on my lap, and then was so mad when she found out Obama had won.... so funny! Hmmm.. lets see what the next 4 years brings.

Good luck to Jason's brother! PRAY..... PRAY... PRAY!
That's what keeps you strong. We were so happy to have my brother return home from Iraq. I couldn't believe all the stories he told. I am so proud of the men and women who serve.

summer said...

We actually talked about a possible UT or AZ move if it didn't pass. I am so glad that it did. It is not to say that in a few years it could change... Ahhh!

Brooke said...

Well put Karlin. I also like Mitt, but will stand behind our President elect and hope that there is finally unity with our country.