Wednesday, September 23, 2009

life with 3??

long time no blogging for me.
i'm still trying to figure out life with 3 little ones, 2 teenagers, and a husband who works a lot!
i don't have any spare time and if i do it's spent cuddling my baby.

i love my 3 kids with all my heart.
they are worth the work. (sigh)


Ness said...

So cute! Your family is adorable. I would much rather cuddle a baby than blog too!

The Shupe Ohana said...

love your updates, it had been awhile! you guys look great adn little franklin is a doll. i miss your mom too, i can only imagine how much you are missing her. life with 3 is a little crazy huh? you look like you are doing great!

janet said...

Having a new baby is such an emotional time for anyone. But I know things are heightened for you. There is so much peace, comfort, and appreciation when you have a perfect little newborn. But when you mix that with no sleep, a BUSY schedule with toddlers (and teenagers) and crazy hormones, it can be really overwhelming. I know you are missing your mom so much right now and I wish I could do more to help!

Just know that there are many who look up to you-- who wonder HOW you do it ALL and who appreciate their moms/grandparents so much more because of your heartache.

Love you, Kar! Keep up the great work.

janet said...

ps. the pictures are BEAUTIFUL

janet said...

pps. do you want me to make you a new header with Franklin included? Let me know what you want.

kim said...

I had no idea you were pregnant. I should really blog more often. Congrats on number three. I am a little worried for that day to come. He is adorable!

SUMMER said...

Frankie is adorable! I am glad you are adjusting to three. I am just getting into the swing of things too!

Brooke said...

Your family is adorable. I don't know why- but the thought of 3 kids is a little terrifying! You're kids (and siblings) are lucky to have you- I am sure you are a WONDERFUL mom!

PS Love Avaree's new haircut- how cute!