Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 20th

i have some catching up to do but i had to post today for my own therapy.
today my mother would be turning 56...

my grandmother's words-

"No other love so brighlty burns on earth as love lit by the miracle of birth. MIRACLE! That is what Karol has been to us. December is such a special month to have a darling baby placed in a Mothers arms. Everyone is joyous during the Christmas season, that a real baby in our home capped the climax. We named her Karol, and lovingly called her our "Little Christmas Karol". She fit this name, for truly she has been like a song of happiness in our lives."

i am a daugther of an amazing woman.
i am a granddaughter of an amazing woman.
i've found great strength and comfort in their examples of womanhood, especially this past year as i've struggled with my own daily trials.
i feel so blessed to be their posterity.

christmas time is full of memories that i cherish of my mother. i love to reflect on her life as well as my Saviors, the ultimate example.

this picture hung in my mother's room and now hangs in mine. i'm so grateful that she instilled in me a love for Jesus Christ . I know because of his "gift" to us, we can be a family forever. It is my prayer that each of you can feel of Christ's love this Christmas season.


summer said...

LOVED this post and LOVED your sweet mom!

The Shupe Ohana said...

happy birthday to karol, i love what gma said about her, and i am so extra glad that grandma wrote everything down, i really need to learn from her and be better at that!

Azy said...

these pictures of your mom are amazing! you two are twins, really! i love your mom and i love you! xoxo

kiks said...

oh karlin, i love this post! i can't believe how much that baby pic looks like your babies. and your mom as a teen.... it is YOU! she truly lives on in your family.

janet said...

love this, kar. Your mom was a BEAUTY QUEEN! I know your grandma and mom are so proud of you.