Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pics from Christmas Week

Like I said before, "It was a CRAZY week!" We had around 20 people staying at our house and coming and going at all times. It was SO fun to spend time with family that we don't get to see everyday. We ate a lot of delicious, BIG meals, the ladies shopped, the guys snowboarded and played in the snow, we all played games, picked out stuff for Jason's Mom's house while she was were here, watched movies and attempted to get caught up on seasons of Lost, The Office, and Always Sunny in Philadelphia. There are a lot of random pics. I posted most of them for family to see. Sorry for those I didn't get pictures of (Tyler, Ed...) and we missed you Suzanne. We wish you could have been here.

My oldest bro, Jake and his girlfriend (Angela)
Josie and John

Jason and John... the balding buddies!

Paulette and John (Audrey's Mom and Dad)

Audrey and Avaree had a blast playing non stop. Avaree is having Audrey Bear withdrawls.

Santa brought Avaree a pink kitchen! (I'm kind of sad because we don't have many pics of Christmas morning. There was just so much going on, but we did get video) oh and Avaree is sitting in a stroller not a wheelchair.

To be honest, the kitchen set was more for me. It was always my dream when I was a little girl.

I love to watch her play!

Jason looking HOT in his new clothes!

Santa brought Weston his own piano.

Posing in their new Christmas outfits from Grandmere

My Cheeser

Thanks Grandmere, the clothes are darling!

Girls night out at Gateway. Utah finally has an Urban Outfitters!

After all the family flew out... our good ol' friends, the Decker's, from Southern Cal were in town and stopped by for a quick visit. Thanks for coming and driving in the scary snow!

Oh and how could I forget?? We got 2 new additions to our home... Jason's brother, Wes, moved in until his Mom's house is done and is going to attend a semester at UVSC. The cold is definitely an adjustment for this Sunny California Surfer! And my brother, Brady, moved in to save some money since he is going to be getting married in March. Good thing Jason finished our basement because our house is officially FULL! The more the merry, right??