Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jason's 31st Birthday!!

Jason turned 31 on the 21st. His day didn't start out too HOT. He woke up early to go work (of course) at his LEAST favorite job where everything goes wrong and then got pulled over and the cop was a JERK! He gave him tickets for every possible thing he could come up with including driving on an expired license because his license happened to expire on his birthday. I don't think the ticket is even legit. Shouldn't his license expire after the 21st? Needless to say it wasn't a fun start to the day but we ended up having a good time celebrating with family 2 nights in a row.

Jason's Mom hosted a birthday dinner for him on his birthday.

Viv and Nathan. My kids are the only little ones around so they LOVE all the adult attention they get from all their aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

These pictures just remind me of how much we need to see the sunshine. You can tell we've been cooped up in the cold for the last 4 months. However it did warm up a little this week and the snow has started to melt!

I know I've said this before but Avaree loves to celebrate. She wrapped up random things from around the house all by herself to give to Jason.

This present was a bag of goodies all mixed together... gold fish, trix, cinnamon bears... yum?

Avaree's thoughtful presents and pictures.

Grandmere gave gifts to the grandkids too, which really made their nights.

Jason's fam

Troy, Loni, and Tate Domina (friends, cousins, neighbors, and employee)

Jason looking good in his new suit!!

On Sunday night I had Jason's Dad's side of the family and my siblings over for dinner and cake to celebrate.

Jason got to blow out candles twice. He deserves it. He is such a good husband, Dad, brother-in-law, friend, boss, and son! He loves his family and works so hard to support us. We are so grateful to have him in our lives! It's crazy to think that Jason and I have been together since he was 21. Now he is in his 30s. We love you Jason!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

We couldn't wait...

to find out what we are having so we went to Fetal Photos a little over a month ago and...

we are having a BOY!!

We couldn't be happier. Now we just have to WAIT to find out what and or who? he will look like. I don't think I could possibly have another blonde child, could I?? Only time will tell. We are just praying for him to be healthy!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Family Night @ the Grizzlies Game

  • Monday nights is buy an adult ticket, get a child in free
  • good seats
  • not crowded
  • kids stayed entertained (for the most part)
  • and $1.00 concessions!!

I love spending time with my family!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Avaree had her first Valentine's party at school! This girl loves to celebrate! She chose Little Pet Shop Valentine's and wrote her name on each one for her classmates. After the party she said, "My friends are so nice, I can't believe they all gave me Valentine's!" She pretty much ate all the candy in one night.

Making sugar cookies has become our Valentine's tradition. It's the only time of the year I want to make them too. They are such a project but the kids love it and they are yummy to eat.

I have a few of these pictures because I think they look so cute working I couldn't choose just one.

Besides making cookies Avaree was busy coloring pictures and leaving little Valentine's throughout the entire house for each member of the family. So sweet!

Eating cookies was worth the work! Thanks to Baylee for helping me frost them all. We made way too many...

Jason and I celebrated with friends over a NICE dinner of filets, king crab, delicious sides and 3 orders of "beignets" for dessert. It was our first time trying beignets and I must say we are addicted now!

Jim, Jason, and Adam

Me, Katherine, and Kelly. We are all pregnant and look like we should be on an episode of the Bachelor with our roses! (the restaraunt gave them to us). After dinner we went and saw "He's Not That Into You" and we were not that into it. It wasn't as good as we expected with all those good actors. Really disappointing actually.

My favorite part of the day was my "heartbreaker". Weston was eating a heart sucker for breakfast (I know, he got it out of Avaree's Valentine stash and it wasn't worth the fight to take it away). While he was eating it, it broke and he said in his cute little voice, "oh no, I broke da heart." So I told him he was a "heartbreaker!" The phrase stuck all day because his shirt happened to say "heartbreaker!" You have to hear him say it. I think you will have to pause my music.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Eeew Poo Again

I was really going to spare you the details on this but after weeks of battling it, I'm at wits end! Over the summer Weston started playing with his poo so I've been putting onsies on him ever since and they worked for 7 months or so. In fact you would think he would have grown out of this little phase by now, but NO! He has figured out how to takes his pants off and go in through the side. I know, gross! Please don't be disgusted by my son. He is very clean especially because he is averaging 2 baths a day. I just don't know what to do anymore... he feels bad, always says sorry, and I've even been trying cold baths to scare him but it's like he can't help himself. I think we need professional help. He is very quiet about it too...

notice the pants on the ground

I should probably start potty training him but I know he's not ready and if I start too soon I'll really be cleaning messes all day! We will see if a little tape will work for now. As you can see, he's not too happy about it.

He must be in the terrible two's because in the last few weeks I've cleaned...

~fruity pebbles everywhere,
~little red decorative, styrofoam balls that were in a vase were dumped all over my front room, entry way, and office. They were such a mess. I couldn't even sweep them. I had to vacuum them up and I'm still finding little balls. They are so tiny that Weston sneezed after and out came 2 little red balls from each nostril. He had stuck them up his nose and if he didn't sneeze I would have never found them. He has a small nose too.
~while we were in Vegas, he dumped baby powder all over himself, his room, and every toy. I am STILL cleaning baby powder too. Everything is dusty and baby powder is stuck in every little crevice of his dump trucks.
~POO everyday.
~Not to mention he runs away all the time. We lost him at a big movie theater over Christmas time. Probably the scariest moment of my life. I actually dreamt about him running away all last night. He'll even escape outside in the COLD snow!

I know it must sound like I don't watch him closely but I do (he is napping right now). And it only takes a second. It usually happens while I'm switching out laundry or preparing food. It doesn't help that Avaree is the instigator of some of the disasters but I am going to see my Dr. today because I can actually handle cleaning messes... it's the tantrums that are killing me. He can be so sweet one minute and so angry the next. I'm sure he will grow out of it. He is 2 and a boy and strong willed. I'm just trying to be consistent with how I handle it and love him but I'm open to suggestions!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

Last weekend we headed on a quick road trip to Vegas with our friends Adam and Francine. Adults only. It was a nice break.

Jason driving in woman's sunglasses. He forgot his.

We hit up the buffets for the crab, shrimp, and prime rib. Jason ate both our moneys worth. My favorite part was the desserts. (My face is looking way prego in this picture.)

Fran and I matching. Notice the baby bump?

Adam taking pictures with their new fancy camera.


We had some arcade fun while waiting for our movie to start. We went and saw Taken. It was intense.

Fran and Adam won us last second at this game. Not good for our competitive nature.

Our dear friend, Janet, lives in Vegas. It was fun to see her, her new house, and her cute new glasses! Her and Aaron joined us for a night on the town. It was real exciting... we waited in line for a buffet for almost 2 hours. Way too long for this pregnant woman and my hypoglycemic husband. At least we got some good talking in while we were waiting.

More crab.

Girls will be girls.

It's always fun to come home and see these cute faces! They were in pjs when I got home but for some reason they both took their clothes off and were pretending to be puppies. Avaree said, "Mom we are Las Vegas dogs!" What?!