Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Engagement Party!

It's official Chris Capua has won Adreann Seal's heart and they are officially engaged! I'm so excited for them. Aze deserves the best!!

Thanks for celebrating at Chuckee Cheese with us... so the kids could play and we could kind of talk. Too bad the pizza was nasty!

We missed you Jan!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Birthday Lunch

I always love having lunch with these pretty Mamas!! Happy Birthday Eliana, Kelly, and Fedra!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weekend of Showers

I hosted a shower for my brothers fiance, Ligia, this weekend. Thanks to all those who helped make it a success! We had a wonderful time with lots of good food.

A BIG thanks to my cousin Angie for making the invitations. A BIG thanks to my Aunt Nada for making YUMMY Bajio burritos. A BIG thanks to my cousin, Susie, for making the best chocolate covered strawberries ever! (my new favorite treat by the way) A BIG thanks to my Aunt Karma for the fruit and cinnamon sticks. A BIG thanks to my Aunt Marcia for making the favors and bringing her fun Mexico decorations! And a BIG thanks for everyone who came and supported us! I didn't have to do much but I couldn't have pulled it off without everyone's help!

Family in attendance

Miss Attitude

Ligia was so sweet and had everyone in the room crying! Brady is lucky to have her.

These were the centerpieces. Didn't they turn out cute? I'm obsessed with decorating with fruit lately. A BIG thanks to my cousin, Emily, for helping me arrange them!

We had another shower for Ligia on Sunday with the other side of the family. Thanks for hosting Loni and thanks to all those who helped. It was a fun weekend of wedding celebrations! I was also able to attend Ligia's endowment session at the Bountiful Temple. I've been so happy to be a part of this special time for them. We are on the count down now... The wedding is this Saturday!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring Where Are You??

We are STILL in sweaters and playing indoors!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Good Bye Wes

Jason's brother, Wes, has been living with us for the past 4 months. He just left last Thursday to go sell alarm systems in Virginia for the Summer. We are seriously going to MISS having him around! I feel like I've lost a child. Wes fit in so well with all of us! He is very pleasant to be around. He is sweet, fun to talk too, easy going, and was appreciative of anything I cooked!

We had a lot of good discussions with the missionaries... Elder Langton and Elder Hickmott

We went out to dinner Wes's last night. Baylee and Griffin loved having a big brother around and Avaree became obsessed with Uncle Wes! Good luck Wes. We love and miss you.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My 18 month old

Weston's 18 month statistics... Height: 31" 25th percentile (used to be 50th)
Weight 23 lbs 10th percentile (same)
Head 18.5 40th percentile (Which went down too. He is finally growing into his head)

This boy CHOWS down bananas all day long. He just shoves them in his mouth, which means he is really regular. Fun for me! I seriously have to hide the bananas. And, he ran into the corner of my bed! Ouch! The bump has gone down now but the mark is still there. I wonder if it will ever go away??

Always getting into something... including my make up. (just because he sees me do it)

He went through a month there where he was ALWAYS throwing a tantrum. It's actually been really frusterating. Avaree never threw tantrums this bad this young. I think it is his lack of communication and he did get a mouth full of teeth all at once. He is doing better now but I couldn't go anywhere with him for a while there. It was too hard.

And if I did go somewhere... he needed 2 SUCKERS to entertain him! Any suggestions on how to deal with tantrums??

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Over The Weekend

First off, my last was post was about how I love blogging but after today I don't know. Not really, I've just spent way too much time today trying to get these pictures posted. I don't know what the deal was! My computer was super slow. Anyway...

Most of you know that Jason has back problems. He did something Friday and was not able to move all weekend. I hate seeing him pain but I've felt helpless. We met with the surgeon on Monday. They want to fuse his back but it is really bad timing for us. He got an epidural injection in his spine today hoping that will help with the pain until he gets surgery. Our surgeon was a total jerk though so we are looking into all our options. Does anyone know of any good back surgeons? Or ever heard of flexible fusion?

Jason thought a good prime rib would cheer him up. We went to Goodwood with my cousin Loni and her husband Troy. Troy works with Jason and they just live the down the street from us. So glad we can get together for a last minute dinner.

We celebrated Brady's 24th birthday as a family. Ligia and her Mom made the beautiful cake!

We love you Brady. Thanks for all you do for our family and my kids.

This was the BEST story of the weekend. I was on my way to church (and I was actually EARLY because I had to say the opening prayer in sacrament meeting and I'm NEVER on time) I was driving down my street and saw a body laying on the ground totally still. Then I noticed a motorcycle. He must of spun off somehow but I was the first person to the scene and noone was around. I seriously thought the man was dead. In a panic, I was searching for my cell phone to call 911 and I didn't have it because who takes their cell phone to church? When we got up closer he started to moan so I knew he was breathing. I made Baylee and Griffin get out of the car and stay with him while I went back to the house to call 911. When I returned a few more people had made it to the scene and the ambulance arrived shortly after. The nurse in the picture showed up and was trying to move him. He was originally flat on his back and the dispatcher said to leave him on his back but for some reason she was determined to move him. I am sure he will be fine but he had some major head trauma. It was all bloody and covered in gravel. Too bad he wasn't wearing a helmet! He probably broke a few bones because he skidded a ways and his whole body was limp. But is that not crazy? That's totally something that doesn't happen everyday. Probably never again in my lifetime. Motorcycles are so dangerous!

Baylee was bugged I took a picture but I had to share my story! Needless to say... I made it on time to church and was STILL able to say the prayer. I was just a little shooken up! Good thing I was early. And I kept the poor man in my prayers that day.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Why I Blog...

First... it is the BEST way to keep in touch with people. I love getting updated on my friends lives and seeing their children and families grow. It seriously brings you closer to people because you know what is going on in their lives and you can really get to know people.

Second... I love all the people I have come in contact with through blogging. It's great. That is one thing that makes me sad about going private. To be honest, I don't care if friends of friends look at my blog. That is what it is all about. It is fun to blog hop. So if any of know people who would like an invite... I'm happy to invite them. I just need to keep a few select people away.

Third... I am horrible about taking pictures and documenting events in my life. It's just always been one more thing to do that I want to do but never get around to doing. Since I've been blogging I'm actually good at taking pictures because I am doing something with them. It's great. My kids will love to look back on this one day. I wish my Mom had done it.

Fourth... It is a scrapbook and journal in one. It's so cool you can publish your blog. My friend Janet did it and it's awesome. She has a whole year book of her families' year! It's so true you forget about things that happen on a daily basis (even if you tell yourself you won't). How great is that to have a book of everything? And it's cheap compared to scrapbooking.

Fifth... It is a great way to get advice on parenting subjects or any subject for that matter. I do need some parenting advice right now. Avaree will NOT go to bed these days. And then she is cranky all day because she is tired and won't nap either. What do I do? I have a SET routine before bedtime. She knows it but it is a huge ordeal every night. We are supposed to get family pictures tomorrow and her eyes are huge and puffy with red spots from SCREAMING so hard tonight. What do I do? I've tried a sticker chart. It's not working. She is a stubborn one. Any other suggestions??

Sixth... (I keep thinking of more things) I don't do much relaxing. There is ALWAYS something that needs to be done or cleaned. I don't watch a lot of tv. Blogging has become something I like to do for me. It's forced me to have a little down time. Which I deserve right? We all do. and it really has brought me closer to my friends.

Seventh... Jason is NOT into it but he has liked it for his family that we don't live by. It's cool to have a connection through the internet. It's become a competition to see what ends up on the blog after family gatherings.

Okay so you can say I love the blogging world! Technology these days is amazing, even though I only understand the basics (enough to get by). I love all my friends and family out there. Thanks for your support and kindness!! Blog on...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why Private??

A lot of things have led up to me going private. First, I was averaging 100 hits a day and only 6 comments (if that). I started to get a little wierded out not knowing who was looking and my situation is different than most. To give you a little background.... As you all know I am raising my sister and brother. They are the BEST kids and I am so grateful to be in the position to take on this HUGE and SPECIAL responsibility. Along with all that, has been some drama. Our Dad is still alive. He has made horrible choices in his life that have cost him relationships with his children. For the record, I believe in forgiveness and that people can change but he NEVER has. He has been doing the same old stuff for over 20 years. Am I supposed to continue to get hurt and taken advantage of? Am I supposed to allow Baylee and Griffin too and my own children?? I don't think so. I am NOT a confrontational person. I like to keep the peace. I have a hard time not pleasing everyone around me but I have been put in situations where I have had to STAND UP for what is best for ME and MY FAMILY and MY SIBLINGS. I am at peace. I feel like I am living my life the best I know how too and helping the children in my life do the same. I continue to receive pressure from my Dad's family to include him in my life but he has LOST those privileges and done NOTHING to gain them back. In fact, in my eyes it is too late now. I have gone PRIVATE to protect myself and my family. I don't need or want people looking into my personal life that don't deserve it. I love blogging and I think my next post will be reasons why I blog!

But to add to the drama... yesterday I took Baylee to get her learners permit at the DMV and they won't let her get one because I don't have court ordered legal guardianship. I only have my Mom's will. They gave me a number to call to see if there is any way they will accept the will and the number was not legitate. I'm so frusterated! We don't deserve this and niether does Baylee. Hopefully we can get something figured out. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Brady!

For Brady's birthday we met at Hire's for lunch. My Mom's old house was right by this restaraunt and it is one of my favorites! I have a lot of good memories there. In fact, every time Jason and I came to town from California we HAD to go there. (no fry sauce in Cali) They seriously have the best fries, drinks and burgers around!

The restaraunt is a little more ghetto than I remember but worth every bite!

I just had to take a picture to prove it. Don't those fries look good (with the fry sauce)? Look at the over flowing drink with yummy ice... it's my weakness.

My kids have always been good eaters.

Brady and Ligia are getting married in just a couple of weeks! Her Mom is in town from Mexico for the wedding and her brother, Sergio, joined us too. We are getting so excited! I was a little nervous a week ago because we hadn't sent the invitations out but they are out now. So it's going to happen. Hopefully everything comes together... we have a busy couple of weeks ahead. We are going to celebrate Brady's birthday with the family still, so I'll have some more pictures to post but I just want Brady to know that I love him and I truly am grateful for his friendship!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Children's Museum @ Gateway

Today we met my friends Janet and Val at the Children's Museum at Gateway. It was actually my first time there. I've been wanting to take Avaree forever but never have. We have been missing out. It was awesome. There was SO much the for the kids to see and do. The only downfall was it was really crowded, maybe because it was snowing today. I jinxed the weather by saying it was going to be warm!

All the kids in a helicopter (except Zacky)

There was a ball zone so yes, Weston was in heaven!

Avaree loved playing in the water with this fish and BEWARE if you tried taking it from her!

Baylee and Griffin are good sports. (I am sure that was just how they wanted to spend their day off) We thought there might be a little more for older kids to do but there wasn't much.

I love all the pictures of Weston... I just had to post them all and notice Avaree is holding that fish in almost every picture.

My favorite part about the museum was hanging out with these two!

Monday, April 14, 2008

First Park Day of the Year!

One of my favorite days of the year is the first day it is WARM enough to go to the park. I love sitting with friends, eating lunch, letting the kids play, and getting pink arms from the sun! It's the best after you've been cooped up inside all winter.

My kids wore shorts!

It was a bit windy but still warm... TOO BAD IT'S NOT GOING TO LAST, not yet anyway.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Late Night

My friend, Janet, decided last minute to come from Vegas for the weekend and surprise her family. I was happy about her last minute decision because it meant that she got to stay with me on Friday night. She got in late, and of course we HAD to stay up and talk! We made ourselves go to bed at 4:00 am but easily could have stayed up all night. There is never a pause in our conversation. We can talk, and talk, and cry, and talk. Love all your great advice Janet!

Early Saturday morning... Francine and her family, and Azy came up for breakfast. We made delicious crepes. (we missed you Hillary) It is always emotionally rejuvinating for me to be with these girls but physically I am still exhausted. I can't do late nights anymore. I am looking forward to this week because Baylee and Griffin have Spring Break and it is supposed to be warm!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy late Birthday Jake!

My big brother, Jake, turned 30 on the 27th of March. I am late posting about it because my camera died at his party. (Thanks for the pictures Ligia) Jake's girlfriend, Angela, threw a party for him. She made Cafe Rio burritos that were yummy. She had the whole place decorated and yes, we are nerds... we wore party hats and hit a pinata. My kids loved it and so did we! It was so nice to have someone else host for a change... Thanks Angela!

Jake has the biggest heart! He is a kid at heart too (he loved every moment of his big boy birthday party!) He is very thoughtful and truly does love his family and traditions.

Brady and Trevor (my other brothers)
Av, showing some leg (she did have tights on at one point)

Hitting the pinata (in Jake's unfinished basement)

I look hilarious! I'm not even close but I swung with all my might. We had some good laughs watching each other swing at the pinata or the air I should say.

Thanks for the fun party! We loved every minute of it. We love spending time together (all of us kids, no adults!) We love you Jake and hope you had a Happy 30th!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Conference Weekend

Isn't general conference weekend the best? To me general conference is all about relaxing, listening to uplifting, inspired, motivating talks, spending time with our families, and eating good food! My favorite talk was Russell M. Ballard's. He talked directly to Mothers and it was just what I needed. I've felt so overwhelmed lately with all my responsibilities as a Mother and sometimes unappreciated. (I wish my Mom was living because I can relate with her even more now that I understand some of the sacrifices she made for me and my siblings.) I wrote down 4 points Elder Ballard made to help all of us Mothers...

1. Recognize the joy of Motherhood comes in moments
2. Don't overschedule yourself or your children
3. Find time for yourself
4. Pray, study, and teach the gospel

I love it because he gave advice directly to husbands and children too... for the husbands

1.Show extra appreciation to your wife- give more validation
2.Have regular time scheduled to talk about each childs needs
3.Give your wife a day away, when you take over the household
4.When you come home from work, take an active role with your families. Don't put work over playing, teaching, and spending time with your children.

For the children...
1. Pick up toys, do the dishes, make your beds, etc. WITHOUT BEING ASKED!
2. Say thank you
3. Give your Mom a hug and say I love you

Such great advice!! I would seriously pay for it. I feel so blessed to have the gospel in my life and to have a modern day prophet and apostles that guide us in this day and age. President Monson is AWESOME. I am going to work on keeping my priorities straight and try to find joy and happiness in my sacred role as a Mother! I hope that all of you can too...

I told you it was about good food! Jason cooked a huge roast but we fed a lot of people...

Love having the missionaries in our home!