Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick-or-Treat Street

I said last year that we were going to make Trick-or-Treat Street a tradition so we managed to squeeze it in this year between all the birthday festivities. The kids had fun and we left with 3 BIG bags of candy but it was all gross. Last year we got tons of candy bars and good stuff so i was a little disappointed. But it's always fun to have an excuse for the kids to dress up and trick or treat.

nelly, ruby, avaree, and weston.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baylee's Sweet Sixteen!

Baylee is SIXTEEN!! Her big day fell on a Friday which worked out perfectly... Jason and I took 5 of her friends up to Park City overnight to celebrate. Little did she know that we were stopping at a dealership to surprise her with a NEW car on our way. We told her we had to stop to put an SUV on hold that we were looking at (which was true) but she stayed totally naive and did not catch on that we were really there for her! The salesman drove her car up with balloons and all and asked who the birthday girl was and she still didn't get it! She thought he was going to give her a balloon or something. She was so surprised she couldn't stop giggling and crying. I was so excited leading up to it that I couldn't sleep.

(This was a big step for me to get videos on the blog)

first time in the NEW ford focus

taking it for a little drive

Tristyn, Maddie, Baylee, Nicole S., Alyse, and Nicole B.

It is going to be SO nice for us having Baylee be able to drive. We live 20 minutes (each way) from her highschool. She is so involved in sports and after school activities that Jason and I have spent almost every afternoon and evening for the past few years driving Baylee and Griffin where they need to be. We've been happy to do it but it will be a huge relief when she can drive herself. Plus if there is anyone deserving of a new car it is Baylee. She has had a 4.0 all through Jr. High (which she will keep up), she just received her young woman medallion, she is a dream teenager, and so willing to help out whenever she can. She is wise beyond her years and been through a lot in her short life. I'm so glad we were able to do this for her. Jason and I are actually jealous. Niether of us got a car. In fact I didn't get a car until I was married to Jason (thanks to all those who drove me around for SO many years!) and even then we shared a little old red Nissan truck that didn't have air conditioning but I loved it because it was a vehicle to get me to and from. Still to this day I feel totally spoiled to have a working car. It always seems like such a luxury to me because growing up it was! I'm grateful Baylee doesn't have to have some of the same worries I had.

After getting the car we took the girls to Red Banjo Pizza on Main Street in Park City. It was nice because it wasn't very crowded and the girls were able to be LOUD and SiLLy!

Baylee's friend, Alyse, is hilarious! She galloped around the restaraunt saying, "It's Baylee's Birthday!" I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. They were probably ready to kick us out. I probably let the girls get a little too crazy but I figured you only turn 16 once. I just apologized to the few tables and the workers on our way out.

We walked down Main Street to get some dessert and these SiLLy girls were dancing in the windows of restaraunts while people were trying to eat. They were cracking me up. It doesn't seem like that long ago when Jason and I were that young and carefree but I don't know if I was ever as carefree as these girls. It's funny because we get wierd looks every where we go... like we are too young to be hosting our daughters sixteenth bday party. We just go with the flow and let people think what they want.

After our dinner and dessert we went back to our hotel to swim and hot tub. Jason and I went to bed while the girls stayed up late watching a movie and playing games.

The next day we grabbed breakfast and shopped at the outlets. I'm SO grateful Baylee has such good friends!!

And thanks to my younger single brother, Trevor, for watching my kids all by himself so Jason and I could enjoy our weekend with Baylee.

Family Celebrations

We also had our traditional family birthday party. And when I say tradition I mean it... we sing a special birthday song, blow out candles, do heavy, heavy hang over and give each other wishes as the birthday person opens presents, and eat cake and ice cream with the WHOLE family.

check out Brady's beard.

SISTAS. (I ALWAYS wanted a sister growing up)

We celebrated with Jason's family too. Ed also had a birthday over the weekend.

Jason got a present too?! His Mom and Ed gave him an authentic 49ers helmet signed by Steve Young and Brent Jones for building their house. It was very thoughtful. Now Griff's birthday is next!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

cute, cute bag...

and i made it?!!
i'm really not a talented sewer. my friend put together a sewing class that i've been looking forward to attending because i've had a sewing machine for years and i don't know how to use it. let's just say this bag was not for a beginner. good thing the teacher was patient and willing to help me A LOT. lesson learned... sewing is harder than it looks. there were ten of us or so that made bags. i wish i had a picture of us all with our cute bags in different fabrics. they turned out cute (just don't look close at mine).

it's even reversible!

P.S. it is baylee's 16th birthday tomorrow!! i can't wait to celebrate. we have some fun things planned i'll blog about later!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Annual Suncrest Trunk or Treat

We threw Baylee and Griffin's costumes together 30 minutes before the trunk or treat. Joe Dirt turned out to be a big hit. We've attended the last 4 years and it's usually freezing... the first year it was snowing. I think it was a little earlier this year and the weather was so nice. My poor kids were sweating in their WARM costumes. The WARM costumes do come in handy on Halloween NIGHT.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I have a few friends with season passes to Lagoon that talked me into joining them on Friday. I've never taken my kids and I don't remember the last time I went. It was another beautiful day. Some of the lines were a little long but ALL my kids still had a blast.

avaree and bennett

avaree and weston loved this boat ride. they got to drive it and ring a bell.

avaree looks like she was going to throw up in this picture. weston loved it and was giggling the whole time.

"avaree, are you okay?"

griffin hasn't been to lagoon in years either... he was giggling on all the rides too.

kelly and i... my party partner in crime this weekend.


this lady bug ride was a big ride... the first drop avaree's eyes filled with tears but she ended up liking it. i went on it and it even got me.

yeah for no school, warm weather, lagoon, and spending quality family time together!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Scarecrow Festival

Kids have been out of school for UEA this week so we've been busy doing lots of Fall activities. We went to the Scarecrow Festival on Thursday. It was fun but I don't think we'll go again next year. My kids weren't the right ages for it. Baylee and Griffin were too old and Avaree and Weston were too young... They needed someone to help them down the slides and I was afraid I was going to lose one of them. It was cRaZy... people and KIDS everywhere. That's good old Utah Valley for you. The weather was beautiful though and it did feel good to be outside.

I'm so glad I had Baylee and her friend Alyse with me to help take kids down the slides.

face plant

kids spook house

that was as close as avaree would get. she was trying to be brave but she was a little spooked.

my wonderer... i really am going to lose him one of these days.

good company. i love how claire is holding that toy perfectly around tonya's mouth.


we did pick some good pumpkins at the patch!

and the BEST part of the day was getting my picture taken with Shawn Bradley. He is a GIANT and I'm a shorty especially in flat shoes. He was SUPER nice.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gardner Village

We met friends today for a playgroup at Gardner Village.
Weston was so excited when he got on the pony but he freaked out when it started moving and almost fell off. At least they gave me my money back.

Avaree liked it and had to be on the biggest horse.

We were checking out a witch and I looked down at Weston and he had both his hands covering his eyes (like he was scared) and he was peeking through his fingers. It was so cute. I wish I had it on camera.

Avaree INSISTED that I take a picture with this witch. She liked the green brew.

Gardner Village is my kind of place... cute shops and yummy baked goods. I want to go back when I can actually shop!