Sunday, August 31, 2008

To Do Our Last Week of Summer...

Go to the zoo. Check.
Look at the little baby in the Mom's arms, so cute.

Hayden, Dawson, and Avaree

Weston was intrigued by the elephants.

Picture of the week. My friends sister actually took this picture with my camera and didn't tell me. I have been laughing about it all week. What was this woman thinking getting on the smallest animal?? (thanks for the laugh, Lisa!)

It was a perfect day for the zoo.

Go swimming. Check.

I had to fit in a few more days of swimming.

Aspen and Avaree

One more boating trip. Check.

This is why we love Strawberry Resevoir. It's beautiful. I love the trees along the water.

Griffin got up for a second! Yeah! Next year he'll be wakeboarding for sure.

Wes, again.

One more camp fire in the mountains. Check.

This picture describes my life perfectly. Avaree trying to love Weston and Weston pushing, hitting, or screaming at her. It happens all day long.

Love my fam.

And clean poo for the 10th day in a row?? Check.

Not by choice. This happened to be right as we were walking out the door to go to church and I thought we were going to be on time. Not I, another bath for Weston and more dirty laundry and cleaning for me. Even worse it looks like he is about to eat it! I don't think he was but it was all over his hair. My new solution is he has to wear ONSIES all the time!

After a fun filled week of Summer fun, I think we are ready to accept it's time for Fall. And Avaree starts preschool!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Swim Lessons

Since we went swimming so much this year I attempted putting Avaree in private swim lessons but she did not want to cooperate. This picture was taken on the first day... pretty much the only lesson that she happily got in the water. I was a little disappointed but what do you do??

Weston on the other hand was a maniac. I couldn't keep him out of the water. He was even jumping off the diving board. He was really fun to watch. Hopefully Avaree will get with it next year.

Pool Days

Our pool days are over and I miss them already. We had a family pass and we went every day we could.

Weston LOVES the water. He had to have a life jacket on. He would jump, dive, and do belly flops the whole time. He loved to watch the divers during the Olympics and he would honestly try to imitate them. After he would jump he would turn on his back and giggle. It was really cute.

Avaree was a little more timid. She new her boundaries and where she could go before it got too deep.

Griff jumping off the high dive. Good times.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Eeew Poo

Yes, it is true.
Avaree did it when she was little too and
I don't know what to do...
I just can't figure out why my kids like to fingerpaint with poo.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I looked out the window and what did I see...

my neighbors house on fire?? Or at least it looked like it. I was ready to call 911 but it ended up being the whole side of a mountain and they were already on it.

Fortunately for us the wind was blowing in the opposite direction of our neighborhood so it didn't burn our way but homes were evacuated in the neighborhood below us. It spread fast because the wind was blowing and everything is so dry right now. It was interesting to watch all the helicopters and airplanes fight it. It is under control now but it gave a few people a scare yesterday. The sad part is the once beautiful green hill side is now black.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Heber and Jordanelle

Our friends invited us to Heber for the weekend to stay in their beautiful vacation home. I decided I love Heber City! We met for dinner on a busy Friday night with all our kids and didn't have a wait. They had a live band playing too. It was great. Then after dinner we headed to the Koch's home. Did I mention it was beautiful?? Kelly did such a great job decorating. It was truly relaxing to stay in something SO nice, new, and luxury with such great company.

Avaree and Bennett are cute little buddies. They would cuddle up and watch movies together.

Adam, Kelly, and Brynne watching the Olympics.

Mckinley, Griffin and Baylee ready for bed

Weston and Avaree watching morning cartoons.

On Saturday our ward had it's annual boating activity at Jordanelle.

This tube ride was so much fun. We giggled the whole time until we all got thrown off.

The waverunners are Baylee's favorite.

Griffin, Landon, and Konnor. I'm so grateful for these boys. They are a little older than Griffin but have totally taken Griffin under their wings and hang out with him all the time.

Jason took people out all day. Fortunately, his back did alright. Not good but alright.

These pictures are of Jason's brother, Wes. He met us for the day too.

Nap time on the beach.

Notice the DP? (that was Jason's doing)

Dinner at the local Dairy Keen, home of the train. We worked up appetites.

Back to the Koch's for the night for showers and a game of Settlers of Catan. Mckinley won us. Thanks for the fun weekend Koch's!! We owe you.