Saturday, September 25, 2010

avaree is SIX

mrs. mccartney & avaree
we lucked out by getting mrs. mccartney as a teacher.
she came out of retirement to teach avaree's class
and she is the best!
small world~ she taught jason's lil sis (sarah, who is 18 now) in kindergarten.

sharing treats with her class

on her birthday she chose to have a tea party

we served sandwiches, pretzels, fruit & dip,
chocolate milk or pink lemonade

nothing bundt cakes

sydney, sage, aspen, maren, avaree, aubriel, bentley & breanna
we made the crowns.

painted fingernails

party favors

it was a beautiful day.
avaree played with her new polly pocket in her swimsuit
and ate a lollipop.

then we went to her favorite restaraunt as a family for dinner.
Noodles & Co.
the mac & cheese is the best!

we also had our traditional family dinner.
she chose tuna casserole & peas.

she was spoiled.
it was fun.

Our lives changed forever when Avaree was born.
She brings so much light, happiness, and silliness to our family.
She has a strong personality and likes to be in charge.
The other day, someone said to me,
"she is rare. there is no other 6 yr old that thinks the way she is does. she is truly amazing!"
and it is so TRUE!
Happy Birthday!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

still warm

we went on a fall family hike.
(trying to enjoy the outdoors before it gets too cold)
i thought it was going to be chilly but it was still HOT.
the leaves have started changing.
we found a perfect spot for picnicing.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

farmers market

i picked up some fresh fruit.
we tasted a lot of samples.
the kids played in that cool water toy.
(even though it was chilly out, especially when wet)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

playing in the rain

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

kindergarten, BUS, & preschool

aubriel, avaree, maren, & ruby

walking to class

school has started.
they were both very ready for their big endeavors...
prek, kindergarten, and riding the bus!
(little tear from mom)