Monday, June 30, 2008

Found my phone!

Good news! I lost my phone over 2 weeks ago. I thought it was gone for sure but I held off on buying a new one because we just bought a new computer and I knew in my gut it had to be around. Just as I expected, Griffin found it in a toy box over 2 weeks later. So anyone who tried to call... I wasn't avoiding you and I can answer now!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

High Score

That's right... I got high score at Bunko last night! Surprise, Surprise! I'm not usually a good roller. I won a beautiful silver serving tray.

and happy birthday to Aimee!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Time for the dentist??

This is a mixture of a blue raspberry ring pop and a chocolate chip cookie...
I know, what am I feeding my child?? Good thing Avaree is SO good at brushing her teeth. I need to be better at brushing Weston's. We are due for check ups though. I have to keep rescheduling because something always comes up. I hate the dentist!! Maybe because I've spent a good portion of my life and money there.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lake Mead w/ the Wright's

Baylee had a basketball camp in St. George last week so we picked her up on Thursday night and headed to Lake Mead for a weekend of boating and fun in the sun with the good ol' Wright family.

Avaree was so excited to take a trip. She packed her own suitcase of goodies for the drive. She looked so grown up pulling it around. It was really cute. (this picture was taken at 2 am when we got in!) We stayed at the Hacienda Hotel right by the lake.

We spent 2 days in the HOT sun, boating, and playing on the beach. The water was warm and glass most of the time (nice for learning wakeboarders... Baylee and Griff both got up for a second and I learned to get a little air going in and out of the wake. I was excited but I'm paying for it this week... every muscle in my body aches.)

Aspen and Bentley Wright

Fran and I

The cute kiddos

That's how we pee at the lake. (Av bottom corner)

Baylee... almost up.

Bay and Griff

Bay and Av

These 2 couldn't get enough of eachother

Thanks Wright's... it was a blast! Let's do it again.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This Is The Place

We had a play group at This Is The Place. This was my first time going there. It's in SL next to the zoo. It's all about the pioneers and how they lived and everything they did to settle Utah. I was surprised how much Avaree enjoyed learning about it all. We got to see many of the original homes (including Brigham Young's), schools, hotels, and stores.

They had lots of hands on stuff for the kids to do... like washing clothes, beating rugs, watering the garden, walking on stilts, crafts, tasting freshly churned butter, helping press a newspaper, riding ponies, petting animals, train rides, wagon rides, etc. We were there all day and it was HOT!! But we weren't complaining. Oh, another highlight was running in to my cousin Alicia, her husband David, and their baby Dmax who were there volunteering.

Griffin was a good sport... we thought a friend his age was coming but he didn't so he hung out with the ladies and helped with the little kids all day.

Sage, Avaree, and Maren sharing ice cream.

There is something so cute about kids eating ice cream even though it's messy!

Colette and I

Half of the group on the train... the other half was in the caboos (taking our picture) It was a fun day. The kids were exhausted after!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day Weekend

We took our boat out on Saturday for the first time of the year. We were on our way to Yuba Lake when we passed a small resevoire in the small town of Mona that we decided to try. It was nice. It was small and not busy and the weather was beautiful! Finally!

Avaree did so well. Jason pulled her on the tube and she kept yelling faster, faster! Jason said he drove her faster than he was driving Baylee last year. She is a brave one.

Baylee had a basketball tournament and Griffin had a scout camp so it was just us and Jason's brother Wes and his friend.

Weston wasn't too sure about it all. He cried when Jason got him in the water and he cried especially hard when I tubed and wakeboarded.

Eating some licorice.

Me wakeboarding... I love water sports, not that I'm any good. My main problem is I am always so sore afterwards.
Sunday morning. This is what I've been waking up to lately... Avaree in the crib with Weston, with 3 bins of toys. And according to Avaree, she is wearing a party hat!

My Aunt Nada and Uncle Richard have been called to be mission presidents over the San Pablo Phillipines Mission. Their farewell was on Sunday. They have 7 children and 30 grand children that they will be leaving behind. Amazingly all their children are active in the church and beautiful. I'm not exaggerating either. They have the best looking group of grand children! I've always admired and loved the Anderson family. I hope to raise a family like theirs one day. I'm so grateful for their wonderful examples.

My cousins put together a wonderful lunch afterwards. This is a picture of all my Mom's siblings in order... Kaye, Karma, Marcia, Nada, Elma, and Glade. My Mom was the youngest and would have come after Glade.

Later that day we headed over to Jason's Mom's house for a Father's Day dinner. (It was a nice Sunday for me because I didn't have to do any cooking.) Avaree and Weston were fighting over this bike but we figured out a solution!

When did this boy grow up? All of the sudden he is big! Sitting up at the table, climbing up and out of everything, and talking up a storm and some words actually make sense. He is obsessed with Jason. Whenever Jason is home all he wants is his DAD.

This was Jason's father's day present. His own fridge stocked with his favorite drink. (I'm going to get some healthy drinks too). With a house full of people ALL the time it is hard to keep our fridge stocked with good drinks because they will be gone in a day. Now Jason can have his own, well deserved stash. I'm so grateful that Jason is such a wonderful father to our children and my siblings. He is so unselfish and would do anything for us. We are lucky. Happy Father's Day Jason!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

We're Back in Business!

We had to send our old lap top back to the manufacturer so Jason bought me a new one because he knew I couldn't go another 3 weeks without it. I love it!! It's so nice to have a fully charged, working computer.

Avaree took this picture of me.

Now here is a look at what we've been up to...
Baylee got her learners permit! Yipee! I don't know if you remember but the DMV wouldn't issue Baylee a permit because I wasn't her official legal guardian but thanks to Adam Wright for having an in at the DMV and making a few phone calls for us. They finally hooked us up. (of course after a LONG 4 hour wait, which was a nightmare,WE GOT IT!) Now the scary part is her driving...

We celebrated Trevor's birthday as a family with Trevor's favorites... homemade lasagna and strawberry shortcake.

We did some yard work and even the princess helped.

Avaree's gymnastics came to an end.
I put her in the cutest little gymnastic class with her friend, Maren Cotrell. It was so fun to watch and she learned and improved a lot. She can do somersaults now!

Av and Maren

I was so proud of her.

Baylee and Griffin both participated in basketball camps.

We celebrated Jason's Dads' birthday.

Oh yeah and school is out!
My friend invited us to Wheeler Farm one day for a picnic and to see the animals. I love Summer days when you can just play!

Check out the cute baby ducks.

Av chasing the ducks,

feeding the ducks,

and the baby cow.

Weston was standing while he was still strapped in. I can't let this boy out or else I'll be chasing him the whole time!

Avaree on the tractor. She loves this kind of stuff.

FYI... Wheeler Farm is free! I didn't know that. We'll be back for sure to enjoy the free entertainment and beautiful park.

Eleigh's viewing.
People actually think I am 16 when I hang out with Baylee and her friends. Come on, don't I look like their MOM or at least double their age??

The viewing was so sad. It was really neat... the family asked everyone to wear pink and black in honor of her. The turn out was amazing. Eleigh will be missed by a lot of people, especially her family. I think the whole experience has brought Baylee and I closer together because I CANNOT imagine living without her. I LOVE this BEAUTIFUL, MATURE girl and I'm so glad she is in my life.

We've had MANY picnics at the park. We've gone pretty much every warm day we've had. I can't wait until it is SO hot that all we want to do is swim!

Notice the scab on Weston's nose? He had a runny nose and I went to wipe it but of course he wouldn't let me and I ended up taking a chunk of skin off his nose. I felt really bad. He's still cute though. Aren't runny noses the worst?

It's not everyday...
you see a MOOSE in your neighborhood! NO JOKE! It was awesome. I think they have the nicest faces but the spectators there kept warning us that she will charge at you if you get too close.

Do you remember Jason's $1000 bet to quit Dr. Pepper? Well he won, which was a must, but now he is back to drinking DP. I'm a little sad because he did so well for 5 months without it but now he is back on. I don't blame him though.... DP is SO good! Anyone else addicted??

We got a new BBQ! Another thing I love about Summer is BBQs. Jason and I have been barbequeing steaks at 10:30 at night the past couple of nights (just the two of us for a snack). I know it sounds crazy but it's good, we love having a grill, and I love having Jason cook for me! So when 10:30 rolls around and Jason asks me, "do you want a steak?" I can't refuse!

Lastly, I got together with the girl cousins my age and our kids. Sunny lives in CA so I don't get to see her that often and Avaree now has a new obsession... her son Bryson!!

In Avaree's words, "Mom, will you drive me to Forkanna to see Bryson?" Forkanna is her word for California. I love the things she says these days. I need to be better at documenting it because I forget them from day to day. And thanks to all those who stuck with me for the longest post ever! It's good to be back!