Friday, January 30, 2009


I wish. I've never been. Avaree actually went for preschool this week, lucky girl! She was SO excited to go to "Hawaii" that we were trying to decide what she should wear to school the next day (she wanted to wear her swimsuit). I told her that flowers were Hawaiian and that she should wear a flower in her hair, then I put her to bed and went to Baylee's basketball game. I came home and Jason said, "the kids were great, they stayed in bed the whole time." Then all of sudden I hear this voice saying, "Mommy." And out came Avaree from her room with EVERY flower she could find in her hair. It was hilarious! I think she had fallen asleep but wanted to show me her hair so when she heard my voice she woke up to show me. She couldn't keep her eyes open for a picture because the flash was so bright...

It's these moments that make parenting so great (and
pregnancy worthwhile)

She drew this picture in class on "Hawaii" day. I love her artwork. She is already better than me.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Time/ Pregnancy Blues

I haven't posted in a while because I haven't been up too much or at least I haven't wanted to do much but eat, try not to throw up, and sleep. I've only had energy to do the basics and that is take care of my kids. Housework, getting dressed, putting on makeup, laundry, shopping, and did I say housework? have been put on hold the past few months. I did put together a job chart for Baylee and Griffin at the New Year so at least the dishes are getting done and the garbages are getting taken out! I've been using my DVR too for the first time really and I'm enjoying my shows... The Bachelor, American Idol, and Lost! Plus who wants to go out when it's COLD outside?? It is beautiful though. I love the snow on the trees! I'm almost 16 weeks and each week WILL get better.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

I finally had enough energy today to play out in the snow with the kids.

We had a few breakdowns.

Weston was happy after figuring out that eating the snow was WORTH having cold hands (he couldn't grab the snow with his gloves on).

Avaree was happy after a couple of good sledding runs down the hill.

I was happy to be out of the house! But don't look too close... me with no make up and a cold sore, Weston's poor excema, and we all need tans! The sun was out today at least.

Later that afternoon we headed to Bouncing off the Walls to celebrate Tori and Tate's birthday (tori and tate are the cute twins on the red chair). We are all going to sleep well tonight.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just had to share or brag...

As I said in a previous post we spend our evenings going to basketball games. Jason and I had to split up this week because Griffin had a late game on Tuesday and Baylee had a late game on Wednesday and it's not worth trying to force tired little kids to sit through a game so even though I love to go as a family at least one of us gets to WATCH the game.

Jason went to Griff's game on Tuesday and I'm sad to say I missed it. Jason isn't one to brag or hype "his own child" but he said Griff was on fire! He scored at least half his teams points. Jason said Griffin was taking it to the hole, faking boys out along the way, and couldn't miss. His team won by a last second shot. Griffin has a natural talent. He's not a big guy. He has not been taught a lot or even practiced a lot. When looking at him you don't expect this kid to be able to handle the ball like he does or have moves like he does (he gets it from his older brothers). It comes naturally and it is really fun to watch! You can't help but be PROUD.

Then last night was my turn to go to Baylee's game. Baylee made the Sophomore Highschool team. Basketball doesn't come as naturally for her as it does for Griffin but she LOVES it and works really hard at it. Her defense is incredible. She is aggressive and easily averages 8 steals a game at least. They started dressing her for JV because of her defense and she was getting some playing time but usually not enough for me to try and stay and watch both games, with 2 kids. Her new game schedule is JV plays at 3:30, Varsity at 5:00, and Sophmore at 7:00. So I figured I would go to the Sophmore games because that is when she plays the most and plus I had scouts after school and Weston was napping so needless to say I missed her BIG JV game yesterday. I showed up at her Sophomore game later that night and the Varsity coach came up to me as said, "Did you see Baylee's JV game?" I'm looking at him like I would like to have but I can only do so much and replied, "No." He said, "She played amazing and scored 21 points!" What? So later I got the full run down from Baylee... they were down by 10 at the end of the first quarter and decided they needed Baylee's defense. She ended up playing the rest of the half and they had her guarding the other teams, BIGGEST girl and BEST shooter. The girl would yell "mismatch" everytime down the court because Baylee was so much smaller than her. Which cracks me up... anyway at the half Baylee's team was down by 2 with 3 seconds left and Baylee shot a 3 and made it! Putting her team up by 1 to end the half. The funny thing about this is I don't think Baylee has ever shot a 3 pointer. It was probably once in a lifetime shot that went in. She didn't start the second half but was put in immediately after and played the entire rest of the game. Her team ended up winning by at least 10 points. So I'm sad to say I missed her BIG game but it was fun to hear about. In fact so fun that I had to share or brag... It's okay to be PROUD! I might have to find a way to go to her JV games too...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baylee's Shiner

Jason and I were hoping to go on a date Friday night after Baylee's basketball game but nope we ended up at the Drs instead. Baylee is a tough defender and took an elbow to the face at her game. She got a bloody nose and has a good shiner to prove it. These pictures were taken a few days after the game... the swelling has gone down a lot. The first night it was swollen shut but she did NOT want her picture taken! Fortunately her eye is okay other than a small abrasion and some bruising.

She looks tough or like we beat her. j/k

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kessler Baby #3

That's right folks... I am 13 weeks pregnant with baby #3. We are excited!! I haven't felt well for months, which is a good sign. Hopefully I'll start feeling better soon as I'm about to begin my 2nd trimester. The baby is due to arrive on July 18, 2009... We can't wait to find out what the stork brings!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Girls Lunch

Homemade panini's and soup with my favorite girls is my kind of lunch! This picture turned out funky because my camera was on some wierd function but Happy Birthday to Holly and Alison! Love you girls. (we missed you Rachelle.)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back On Schedule...

We had a great Christmas break with nothing on the schedule. Our "break" consisted of lots of family time watching movies, playing games, cleaning house, shoveling snow, trying to stay warm, staying up late and sleeping in, and eating of course. Here are just a few pics...

Avaree's fort by the tree. I'm actually glad to have my tree down because Avaree played with the ornaments every day and every night after she went to bed I had to redecorate the tree.

I went to tuck Avaree into bed the other day and I found her like this. She cracks me up!

Jason discovered a deer hunting game at a local arcade that he enjoys. The kids sure haven't seemed to mind.

Avaree is very good at this game. She stomps with all her might and doesn't miss.

She looks so grown up in this picture to me. What happened to my baby?

Baylee having a try at the hunting game.

It's been cold and I haven't wanted to do much. We have so much snow this is how Jason shovels... in a bobcat. Weston likes it.
Our fun days of doing nothing are definitely over and I have had a hard time adjusting to all the schedules... between Baylee and Griffin, Jason and I now have a basketball game to attend every week night for the next 2 months! Bring on the schedules... preschool, jr. high, highschool, carpools, basketball, scouts, mutual, church callings, and playdates here we come!

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Eve 2008

New Years is a time to celebrate so we treated the family to a nice dinner at one of my favorite places. It's actually a repeat of last year... maybe we'll make it a new tradition!

Weston loved the soup and was having fun showing off for us and everyone on our table.

Kid Kid was so entertaining. I am requesting him next time.

Avaree catching a shrimp and she got it!!

Happy 9 year engagement to us... 9 years ago Jason proposed to me on New Years when the clock struck 12:00!