Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December was FULL of excitement!

We enjoyed...
christmas cards,


wrapping presents,

santa's lap,

train rides,

feeding reindeer,

catching snowflakes,

trying to stay warm,

avaree being a reindeer for a week straight,

going to baylee and griffin's basketball games,

lots of friends and family gatherings,

colter, gus, and frankie
(it was a year of boys, we missed you simon!)

and best of all spending time with these cuties!

oh, and we watched the grinch way too much.

last but not least- the classic "avaree forcing frankie to smile" picture again.

unfortunately we also ALL had the stomach flu.
i'm sad the excitement is over but glad the flu is gone!


Tracy said...

I love the reindeer picture of Avaree!

janet said...

I loved your Christmas card- weston's picture and all.

Bummer that you ended up having the flu not food poisoning... so glad you're better!