Tuesday, February 23, 2010

St. George

Jason and I headed to St. George for the weekend for a few reasons-

1. for business- it was the home show and we are going to put our model in the home show in Salt Lake so we thought we'd go get some ideas.
2. it was Jason's birthday!
3. to get away (hoping for some sunshine). Franklin was our only other passenger.

Of course, the weekend we went it was cold, rainy, and gloomy. I didn't take my coat off the whole trip. The drives to and from were bad. We were excited to take to Jason's car since it was just us but it ended up not being the best choice. We were wishing we had our 4wd vehicle. There were semis and cars slid off the road everywhere. I'm glad I wasn't driving because I was having an anxiety attack!

We made it to the hotel safely- it just took a few extra hours. Franklin was an angel. He slept the whole way down and still slept through the night in a porta crib.

He's kind of sitting up (with a little support).

I swear he knew he had all of Mom and Dad's attention this weekend. Life is easy with just one infant.

We spent all day Saturday, driving all over St. George finding addresses, taking Frankie in and out of his car seat to see different homes. I think we made it to all but 5.

Our dear friends, The Capua's, made the drive from Vegas to meet us for dinner. They even brought cupcakes to celebrate Jason's birthday! Thanks guys. It meant the world to us.

Azy sportin a Kessler Hatch Inc. beanie.

St. George Dreaming...

On our drive home, we started with clear skies but it ended up snowing again.

so why not stay another night in Cedar City?
after all it was Jason's birthday!

the birthday boy with our favorite dessert.

I let Frankie in on it since it was a celebration.
He LOVED it.

Jason and I had a great time just being together. We are in a stage of life right now that these moments are hard to come by. I love this guy and love spending time with him! He is my best friend. Happy Birthday J!

We brought the kids back suckers with real bugs in them. Jason couldn't resist. Avaree's had a scorpion and Weston's had an earth worm. I think Avaree is still sucking on hers on occasion. She hasn't made it to the scorpion yet. I don't think she really wants too.

Weston took a couple of licks on the opposite side and then threw it away. He couldn't take it, especially because the worm was partially poking out already. I couldn't believe he threw away sucker?! But I can't say I blame him.

Thanks to Baylee and Griffin for taking such good care of our precious ones for us. Everyone was so impressed to see them at church on Sunday without us. They are the best!


Azy said...

o i am so glad we got to meet up with you guys on this trip. its nice to have a little bit of home in my life from time to time.

& i feel so silly that i didnt get a pic of you and jason together. seriously i am so spacey at times. next time i'll be better at that.


janet said...

so glad Aze and Chris were able to join you. I wish we could have... it's hard to live the grown up life sometimes. Love you and it was so good to see you this weekend, even if it was short.