Monday, November 1, 2010

griffin is 16!

griff is a halloween baby.
his festivities usually get postponed for a day
because of all the halloween fun.

he chose chicken dumplings and rice pilaf for his dinner.

griffin has his learners permit but didn't sign up for drivers ed this semester so he has to wait another semester before he can drive. (at least he has baylee to help him get around for now! ) he is not really into dating yet, which is fine by me! jason ordained him a priest on his actual birthday. griff has a strong sense of who he is. he doesn't need to impress anyone. he is my BIG helper. he will do anything i need or ask without complaining. i appreciate his respect and obedience. my children love him- avaree likes to be his side kick while he plays video games. weston & frankie shoot hoops with him daily. i pray my children will follow in his footsteps. our family would not be the same without him.
we love you, griff.
happy birthday!