Monday, December 27, 2010

aunts, uncles, & cousins

we missed you jose and wes.

these two with unplanned matching outfits, again.
audrey's mom has good taste.

uncle jeff's new pup, sadie.

too bad we all have to go back to work and reality.


Tristie hearts Dax said...

karlin, thanks for saying hi. yes it has been long. i hardly read blogs anymore...must be the baby thing. Congrats on your sweet Franklin, too! I was going to chop my hair but yours looks so cute now i am not sure. Wow, Griffin has grown up so much. What a stud. Hope your fam is doing good. Your kids are absolutely darling.

kiks said...

too bad john and paulette smile so much in pictures...haha...what is with them. seesh! you must of had a FULL and FUN house.