Sunday, January 9, 2011

18 months

my baby walks & talks.

franklin is growing up. even though he is still a little guy. he is in the 2% for his weight, 25% for his height & 25% for his head. his favorite things to do right now are- roam around the house on a hunt for any ball, shoot hoops most of the day, shower with daddy, cuddle with daddy, & play with anything with a lid (markers, chapstick, lotion, gatorade bottles, eye liner). he can say a lot of words but his favorite way to communicate is by letting out a scream (and it works). he frequently says ball, pease (for binky), bayee, bay, mom, dad, papa, wow, no, night night, hi, bye, meow, duck, quack, eyes, shoe, & uh oh. his favorite things to eat are bananas, dried fruit, macaroni, jelly sandwich, fruit snacks & anything sweet that he is not supposed to have. he has a mouth full of teeth, likes to dance, disappear to the big lonely basement all by himself, and loves his blankies & binkies (i can't bring myself to break him of that habit yet). franklin is a joy! i can't imagine my crazy life without him.


kiks said...

he is so cute! He says a ton of words!! how fun to communicate with him. i think i'm going to try and give Coco a jelly sandwich today...never even thought of that.

Brooke said...

What a little cutie! i can't believe he is already 18 months!

Good luck with jason's back surgery- hope it all goes well!