Tuesday, May 10, 2011

mother's day

griffin spoke in church on mother's day (last minute).

unfortunately, jason and i already had our getaway planned and we weren't back in time to hear it. i was really, really sad to miss it. i heard from several that he was their favorite speaker. he spoke on 3 qualities that my mom taught him. the first being love. he shared a story about one easter, he fell asleep watching a movie and i took him down to his bed. when he woke up in the morning, we thought he had pooped the bed. he was covered in brown stuff. my mom loved him so much she was willing to smell the sheets only to find out that it was chocolate. i had laid him down on easter candy that had melted and smeared everywhere. we had a good laugh. my mom had a lot of patience and love for her children. the second being example. he shared the story of my mom going to church even though she had sores on her feet from a reaction to chemo and couldn't wear shoes. she always stood up for what she believed and taught us the importance of keeping the commandments. the third being positive attitude. he told about the time when he and baylee came home from school and my mom had shaved her head (due to losing her hair from treatment). he remembers being a little horrified when they saw her and she just laughed at their reaction. i know that losing her hair wasn't an easy thing for her but she always had a positive attitude. always.

i'm grateful for the memories we have of her and her example of motherhood. being a mom is not easy (speaking from experience) but it was for her. when i came home from park city, i was showered with homemade gifts and notes from the children in my life. i feel so blessed. i'm working on being a more patient mother. thanks to griffin for his sincere talk that helped so many others get a glimpse of the kind of my mother my mom was. Happy belated Mother's day to you!


Azy said...

this post of course made me cry :) love your mom so much & her amazing family