Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Strawberry Resevoir

This past weekend we headed up to Strawberry Resevoir for some boating and camping. Yes, I said camping. I camped again. It actually wasn't too bad. We only camped for one night and the kids slept better this time around and we didn't have to make a trip to an instacare so we were successful! This was actually one of our favorite lakes that we have been to. The water was a decent temperature and we had some good water for wakeboarding. Look how beautiful it was...


and she was SMILING!! (We are still working on Griffin)

Jeff (Jason's brother) caught a LIVE fish with his bare hands.

Avaree with Aunt Summer (Jeff's wife). This worm really entertained Avaree. It's funny though because she is frightened to death by insects.

The battery on my camera died again and these pictures were all taken with Brandon's cell phone. I'm amazed how clear they are.

The camp site.

Driving home. Uncle Brandon and Avaree.

My kids were so exhausted after. Avaree fell asleep at the dinner table at 6:00 and slept for the night. That never happens. And no she does NOT sit in a high chair anymore. She is in a baby phase where she pretends she is a baby. It is actually driving me crazy (the whiny baby voice). Weston really should still be in the highchair but he refuses because he wants to be a big boy. My kids are confused and so am I.


summer said...

Love all the updates... you guys are sure busy and seem to be having tons of FUN!!!

Cathy said...

You guys do something fun every weekend. I'm so jealous! I love the picture of Averee a sleep in her high chair - so was pooped! The fish picture was gross. I am always afraid that the fish are going to get my toes when I swim in the lake!

Jen and Jeremy said...

Sounds so fun! How the heck did he catch that fish with his bare hands?!?!

janet said...

looks like tons of FUN! I am sure all kids go through a baby phase. it won't last long...

Thanks for talking to me the other day! I love being able to spill my guts out to you!