Monday, August 25, 2008

Heber and Jordanelle

Our friends invited us to Heber for the weekend to stay in their beautiful vacation home. I decided I love Heber City! We met for dinner on a busy Friday night with all our kids and didn't have a wait. They had a live band playing too. It was great. Then after dinner we headed to the Koch's home. Did I mention it was beautiful?? Kelly did such a great job decorating. It was truly relaxing to stay in something SO nice, new, and luxury with such great company.

Avaree and Bennett are cute little buddies. They would cuddle up and watch movies together.

Adam, Kelly, and Brynne watching the Olympics.

Mckinley, Griffin and Baylee ready for bed

Weston and Avaree watching morning cartoons.

On Saturday our ward had it's annual boating activity at Jordanelle.

This tube ride was so much fun. We giggled the whole time until we all got thrown off.

The waverunners are Baylee's favorite.

Griffin, Landon, and Konnor. I'm so grateful for these boys. They are a little older than Griffin but have totally taken Griffin under their wings and hang out with him all the time.

Jason took people out all day. Fortunately, his back did alright. Not good but alright.

These pictures are of Jason's brother, Wes. He met us for the day too.

Nap time on the beach.

Notice the DP? (that was Jason's doing)

Dinner at the local Dairy Keen, home of the train. We worked up appetites.

Back to the Koch's for the night for showers and a game of Settlers of Catan. Mckinley won us. Thanks for the fun weekend Koch's!! We owe you.


Tracy said...

Looks like fun! I've never seen three people on a waverunner before!

melissa e. said...

We are total "Catan" nerds. I think we have every version and expansion available.

I can't believe I just admitted that.

Cathy said...

I love Heber too! They have excellent milk shakes!
I am a huge Settlers fan too, although I rarely win but still fun to strategize.

Francine said...

Adam can't see this post or he will be so jealous- all his favorite things. Glad Jason's back was okay. He is such a trooper.

Tracy the GREAT said...

You guys are SO nice to take us out boating. I'm such a dope, look at my face! I don't think I realized she was taking a pict until too late. Fun fun fun.