Sunday, August 31, 2008

To Do Our Last Week of Summer...

Go to the zoo. Check.
Look at the little baby in the Mom's arms, so cute.

Hayden, Dawson, and Avaree

Weston was intrigued by the elephants.

Picture of the week. My friends sister actually took this picture with my camera and didn't tell me. I have been laughing about it all week. What was this woman thinking getting on the smallest animal?? (thanks for the laugh, Lisa!)

It was a perfect day for the zoo.

Go swimming. Check.

I had to fit in a few more days of swimming.

Aspen and Avaree

One more boating trip. Check.

This is why we love Strawberry Resevoir. It's beautiful. I love the trees along the water.

Griffin got up for a second! Yeah! Next year he'll be wakeboarding for sure.

Wes, again.

One more camp fire in the mountains. Check.

This picture describes my life perfectly. Avaree trying to love Weston and Weston pushing, hitting, or screaming at her. It happens all day long.

Love my fam.

And clean poo for the 10th day in a row?? Check.

Not by choice. This happened to be right as we were walking out the door to go to church and I thought we were going to be on time. Not I, another bath for Weston and more dirty laundry and cleaning for me. Even worse it looks like he is about to eat it! I don't think he was but it was all over his hair. My new solution is he has to wear ONSIES all the time!

After a fun filled week of Summer fun, I think we are ready to accept it's time for Fall. And Avaree starts preschool!!


Amelia said...

What a little devil! He must save it up for nap time. I'll be you forgive him as soon as he flashes that adorable smile.

Tristie or Dax said...

LOVE to see people living it up together as a family! do NOT love poo on the furniture! so so sorry! I don't know if i could deal so well with that. way to be a patient mama!

Tracy the GREAT said...

Great picts! You guys had a FUN summer! How do you fit it all in? Maybe next year will be my year for fun again..... Remember- for the poo- this too shall pass. He won't be doing this when he's twenty for sure!:)

DEE said...

I am embarrased that you snapped that picture of me on the snow leopard...

cory and tara said...

Oh Karlin! That poo is too funny...if you're not the mom. ha ha He is so cute! His little diaper tan line cracks me up. What a cute family!

Francine said...

So many fun pictures! I love the one of Aspen and Avaree. They are such good friends. Yes, you've gotta get some onesies for Weston. I feel so bad that you've had to clean up that same poopie mess over and over. I was just thinking how Weston will be so embarrassed of these pictures when he is older. You can threaten to show them to his dates and I'm sure he would do anything you ask.

melissa e. said...

I've never experienced child-induced-smeared poop.

BUT, I have a certain boy this same age who lately poops every time I put him in the bathtub. And it always happens during the split-second when I am not looking.

Can it ever be a solid, scoop-able log? NO! It is the nut and raisin hundred-million-piece kind of poop that fills every ounce of the tub (and covers every single bath toy).

I SO feel for you. And sorry if that was too graphic.

karlin said...

Melissa... that was hilarious! Avaree used to always poo in the bath tub too. Not fun. I have to say that the onsies have worked.

And Jason is going to get his surgery done by Dr. Berry. We checked out a few different drs but we feel good about Berry doing it again. We tried to switch to Fogg but they wouldn't let us since he is in the same office. I really did appreciate your suggestions.