Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life at Home

Franklin's first weeks of life have been spent getting his foot pricked to check his billirubin levels for jaundice, sleeping, eating, burping, grunting, pooping, being held, kissed, cuddled and loved by all!!

Not the cutest pic but I can't believe I have 3 kids! If only Avaree and Weston laid still a little longer! Coming home is always an emotional time for me. I've had a lot of help with meals and friends offering playdates for my children which I'm so grateful for but I really WISH my Mom could take care of me! For the most part I can handle my responsibility in life but not the first week after having a baby... I want my MOM! She would love it too. I'm not trying to complain, just being honest and it's a really hard time for me.

But all I have to do is look at this beautiful boy to feel so blessed.

We can't get enough and each day gets easier for me.

Look at him hold his binky...

Wide awake at night, of course.

He still has his nights and days mixed up...

so tiny.

One of my favorite things about caring for a newborn is bathing and dressing them. Baby lotion is one of my favorite smells and I drench my kids in it.

I've hated feeling like I've wasted the HOT days of Summer indoors. We got out for a few walks around the neighborhood.

My kids have loved all their fun playdates!!

Thanks to everyone for the service you have rendered our family in my time of need. We love you all!! I can't wait to feel adjusted and be back in the swing of things!


janet said...

He is such a beauty, kar. Wish I lived closer so I could help you more. I know your mom would be such a great support to you. It's been such a trial to lose her so early and I know how hard it is for you after you have a baby! Love you.

Amelia said...

This really touched me. I've come to realise no matter how old you get, sometimes you still want your mommy. I'll keep you in my prayers, I'm sure your mom is close to you now!