Monday, August 17, 2009

2 weeks of #?!*

A few weeks ago we attempted to get out and enjoy some of the great things about living in Utah! We walked around beautiful temple square for family night, went to my favorite petting zoo, and went to This Is The Place to appreciate our pioneer heritage.

Thanksgiving Pointe's animal farm is my favorite because it is close, cheap, small, and my kids love it! They are both animal lovers.

Weston was so cute this time and he was SO excited to ride the horse!

Franklin looking a little uncomfortable.

The best part was the baby animals!

There were more animals at This Is The Place so we thought it was going to be another good day.

Avaree playing school in an old school house.

Unfortunately, she came down with something and you can see it starting to hit her in this picture.

and this one.

Mckinley Koch and Weston. I didn't have Baylee and Griffin with me. I was so grateful for Mckinley's help!

We ended up leaving early because look at poor Av and thus began a mad sickness...

that rocked our entire family including the dog!
You know Avaree is sick when you find her like this in the middle of the day. And yes, she is wearing a pull up because she hasn't been able to make it to the toilet for 2 WEEKS now and Weston too!

I've never cleaned so much poop or done so much laundry in my entire life.
I'm exhausted.
I did the best I could to keep my sweet newborn from getting it but there was nothing I could do...

5 weeks old, in the middle of summer, with a nasty cough and congestion.
It is breaking my heart.

I keep thinking we will be better tomorrow... I'm still hoping. I need my babies to be healthy and I want to enjoy our last few weeks of summer!


Dorothy & Tony said...

I am so sorry! Nothing sucks more than sick babies. You just feel so helpless! I swear something is going around, it's August for heavens sakes! We are all sick too but havent been hit with the poopies! I hope your babies get better soon and you stay clear of it! PS Frankie is too die for!

janet said...

I am so exhausted just reading your post. That seriously SUCKS! Sorry to hear that the little guy is sick too! It's been a while since we've talked... you must have your hands full. Good luck getting better. Can't wait to hear how Azy's shower went.

Uriona Family said...

I am so sorry!! It must be going around. Luckily we have only caught the cold portion of it, but everyone else has the other symptoms too I hear. Hope things look up for you.

Keri said...

oh no! baylee said you've had some sick ones at your house, but that sounds Awful! and with a new baby, how are you handling it? was it from the animals at the petting zoo? could that be what made them sick? i hope not! hope you all get better soon! i still need to come see little Frankie - lessons are done, so my schedule slows down. let me know when everyone is healthy again and we'd love to come up.