Monday, August 3, 2009

The Wedding Dinner

The wedding dinner was held at Lugano's Restaraunt the night before the wedding. It was nice and quaint with close friends and family. We have a family tradition that each sibling presents the bride/groom with a gift at the dinner that reminds us of them. It is one of my favorite wedding traditions.

All dressed up and ready to go. Baylee looks so beautiful and grown up these days!

Jake and Angela

It was so fun to have a nice dinner, dressed up with all of my siblings... my favorite people to be around.

Can you tell from this picture how much Jason loves weddings and pictures and his aching back?

All six of my Mom's children in order of age starting with Jake.

I'm so happy I'm finally getting some sis-in-laws!

We tried to keep the little ones entertained as long as possible. Mine got a little crazy, of course.


janet said...

love the siblings picture.. and yeah for sister in laws! Trevor's girl is a cutie!!

karlin said...

Our family is starting to feel complete and I love it. I love Trevor's girl too. It's his turn now.