Sunday, September 27, 2009

Franklin's Blessing

It was a day full of gratitude.
Gratitude for the gospel,
the priesthood and a husband who honors it,
my testimony,
close family and friends,
a healthy baby,
to be a mother,
the color white,
warm september weather,
cafe rio style burritos,
pumpkin chocolate chip cookies,
uncle brandon's safe return home from afghanistan,
and uncle wes on his bday.

jason and franklin have a special bond.
jason wanted another boy so badly and he has always wanted a boy named frank. i honestly couldn't do it for weston but after many years it grew on me. i think that franklin is cute enough to pull of "frankie" and i love that it is classic and original now a days. honestly, how many baby franklin's do you know? his middle name is allan, after jason allan. these two really do have a bond and i think it is in the name (and i need jason's help more than i did in the past)!

(these last 2 pictures were taken by avaree)
i have so much to be grateful for.


kiks said...

everytime i see his little face he is cuter and cuter! don't feel bad about leaning on jason now that the family has grown...that is how God intended on the family unit to be. well, at least that is what im telling myself these days when im laying on the floor growing a baby while watching chad do EVERYTHING! ha

janet said...

So glad Jason finally has is Frank! Although a couple of years ago, we all laughed at him because we thought he was crazy. It's totally the thing now. Aaron and I have been throwing around the name Fred-- it was my grandpa's name. Frankie and Freddie could be best friends!

The pictures are great. I can't believe how light his eyes are! Wish we could have been there for the blessing....

melissa said...

What a sweet little guy. Makes me so excited for my own little boy. In fact, I have my eye on that same blessing outfit (I think, or it's very similiar).

Winder Love said...

Such a cutie! glad things are going well. You look great, I would have no idea that you had a new born in these pictures!