Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day 2009

Since the whole fam didn't get to go to View Cemetary over Memorial Day we decided to go for Labor Day...

my mom would have loved franklin SO much!

it's neat to think that he was with her the most recently.

I sure could use her help, advice, and friendship these days.

i love & miss that mother of mine!

it was a beautiful day. jason needed sunglasses.

avaree karol

trips are always funner when uncle trevor and allie come along!

back at the hotel. i really wish these two would actually go to sleep together. i think one ended up in the bathroom part of the night. i was planning on having them share a room but it's not going to happen. they will not go to sleep together. so i decided why battle them if i have enough room in my house for them to have their own rooms?

we got to see emma and her new house! she is on the road to recovery! doesn't she look great? she's been a brave one this past year.

just imagine if this was your backyard? i think it is every childs dream. oh, and jason was out playing ball with a kidney stone. :)


Joel and Michelle said...

I think you're doing such an amazing job with your cute family. I'm sure you miss your mom like crazy right now. There is a special place in heaven for you!

val said...

the photo of you by your mom's headstone made me cry. its so cool that you visit as a family. she would be SO proud of you karlin. you are wonderwoman. i think you are amazing.
the photo of jason made me laugh.