Sunday, November 22, 2009

avaree karol photography

i was just going through my pictures and since we haven't been up to much i came across a lot of pictures taken by avaree. i figured she deserved a post.

she did this little photo shoot of frankie a while back and i'm so glad she did because babies change so quickly at first. these were taken back when frankie still had hair. :)

i don't know what she did there.

this picture cracks me up.

love those toes.

she is always asking if she can "babysit" franklin. she loves to surround him with toys, read to him and sing to him, and no one can make him giggle like she can!

proof of the peanut pumpkin and the other pumpkin was painted by weston.

weston is OBSESSED with bobcats. it will be a sad day when all the construction in our area comes to an end. he can spend hours on end watching the guys next door work. he knows when the bobcats turn on and runs to the window. he can imitate the sound perfectly. he has a green toy bobcat that goes with us everywhere. when i came across his big boy bedding i had to get it! i have been in the process of updating the kids rooms in my spare time (pictures coming soon).
lesson learned... let avaree use my camera more often... maybe.


Jared, Lindsey and Aven said...

That is so funny! I love that she was "helping" him smile for the camera.

janet said...

whenever I can't find my camera, I just have to ask Zack-- he ALWAYS has it hidden in some secret spot. I love the pictures they take, they are real life... but I hate when I go to download my pictures and realize there are 280.

Aaron and I even talked about getting Zack his own camera for Christmas because he's always taking pictures.

Anyway, love the stuffed animals surrounding Frankie.. and the forced smile is awesome!

Goog & Winnie said...

those pictures are so great! and that one of her forcing him to smile is priceless...i keep trying to imagine her talking him through the photo shoot, telling him what to do etc.

Cowan Family said...

This is Annette logged on as Natalie. This post is so adorable! I love the picture of him sleeping and she's making him smile with her fingers...haha! She's a good photographer :) your kids are so cute just like their mom! :)

Cowan Family said...

Hey is Annette not invited to your blog. It's so funny both my sister's always log in as me so they can look at everyones blogs.
I love all the pictures averee took. You should let her have the camera more often she does a great job. Your kids are adorable.

Azy said...

avaree is a fabulous photographer! its fun to see all the pics she has taken! Franklin is lookin so great! can't wait to see you all for christmas break!

Keri said...

wow she is really good. and i did just let out a big giggle at work when i came to the pic of her making him smile - too cute! so we missed decent weather for the aviary - what is the dinasoaur museum like? blake's obsessed with 'dina's' so maybe we should head there? let me know what your holiday schedule is like. i'm working this week, then pretty much takin the rest of the month OFF! :) call me!