Friday, November 20, 2009

work, work & more work

yes, yes i'm alive.
i need to be thankful for all of jason's work.
i am thankful.
he's just been working non stop-
to have him home by 8 pm is early and rare.
10 pm is normal, midnight is too.
saturday is a work day.
taking care of kids all day on your own is hard work!
i'm tired and so is jason.
that is where i have been-
trying to stay sane and keep up on my so called life.

here are a few random pictures of his work...

one project was a foreclosed home out in herriman that we picked up for cheap and finished. this is a picture of the kitchen. it was a 5200 sq ft home that we sold for $433,000. it was a steal and only on the market for a few weeks.

another HUGE job was a remodel in deer valley for the CEO of D.R. Horton (yes, CEO of the nations top homebuilder). it is a vacation home for him and it became MY full time job to answer MY door for fed ex and ups packages that were sent for the job. we filled this trailer full. most of these packages were sent seperately and there were a lot of small packages back in there!

i wish i had before pictures of the deer valley home. they changed EVERYTHING. this picture was in the finishing stage. the kids and i did stay in park city for a couple of nights so that we could see jason. we still didn't seem him really but at least we got to go to the job site and meet him for a couple of meals.

this is bill mcbride or as avaree calls him, "billy bob". he is one of our loyal, hard working, favorite employees :)

jason in action (in the right corner)

more projects he has been working on...

finishing basements and putting in yards,
doing a build out for an office complex,
running a realty and mortgage office and
the biggest news of all is starting a development in herriman!!
it is called ivie farms.
we have 38 lots- 3/8 to 1/2 acre
floor plans ranging from $280,000 to $420,000, 3400 to 5200 square feet.
we started digging for the model last week.
this picture was taken on one of the lots...

let me know if you are in the market for a new home or know someone who is!

i hope jason will be able to manage his time a little better because i don't see the work load slowing down.
i am thankful for his hard work.
i pray for his health and success.
i truly enjoy and cherish our family time!


janet said...

love all the pictures! We are so excited for Jason and all his business endeavors. He's so successful because he's such a work-aholic! but then again, I don't feel so bad for you... cause you can always relate when my husband is working late too!

Love you and hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

Sara Decker said...

You need to tell me about these 5000 sq ft homes for under $500,000! We miss you, glad that Jason is busy, but sorry you are busy too. We miss you, hope you have a Merry Christmas.