Tuesday, April 13, 2010

9 months on the 9th

Frankie at 9 months finally sits up!
Claps his hands and plays patty cake,
Twists his hands when he is hungry,
Clicks his tongue,
Wants to eat whatever we eat & pretty much does,
Naps and Sleeps well,
Loves his blankie and binkie (when sleeping),
Loves his family!

height: 26.4
weight: 14.5 (1 percentile)
head: 17.6

So I jinxed Franklin last month when I said stop growing because he did. He has lost weight. When I took him into the Drs for RSV at the end of February he almost weighed 17 lbs. My other 2 children had pretty much weaned themselves by now but Franklin will NOT take a bottle. The times I've tried he wouldn't take it and he'd hold out all day until I gave in and nursed him. I just figured he was getting what he needed from me and baby food. Unfortunatley he has not been getting enough. I feel horrible... have I been starving my child? He has been developing (slowly) but Weston developed slowly too. He always seems so content but is that because he has no energy? He doesn't really like to stand on his legs so they sent me to the hospital for x-rays to make sure his hips are aligned. It's been a discouraging day because I care and worry so much about his health and well being. We are starting a bottle. I'm going to fatten this boy up! He is being stubborn though...


janet said...

being a mom is so stressful. I think giving him formula will make things a bit easier (although it will be work getting him to that point.) I really struggled with Simon and my decision to stop nursing him, but honestly, I just don't think he was getting enough to eat. Breastfeeding has SO many rewards, but one of the biggest down sides is knowing how much they are eating. Simon literally drinks 8 oz every feeding. He is such piggy.. and was frustrated he didn't have enough to eat. Good luck with your decision. Have you gotten the results back from the xrays? Try not to stress too much! love you, Kar!

Cathy said...

He's little guy. I always worry if I am doing the right things for Rilynne, like feeding too much or too little. You're a great mom, Karlin and whatever you decide and however you do things will be the right thing for him.