Thursday, April 15, 2010


Frankie is finally taking a bottle!
I think it is so cute!
I have a new sense of freedom,
I'm paying for it though.
I've been pumping but it's not the same and
mastitis has got the best of me.
I still have a good amount of milk.
I was averaging 6 ounces. It must be skim.
He is now drinking 8 ounces.
How do you dry up??
Oh, and his x-rays are fine (I figured they would be).
He is already standing more.


Janessa said...

Benadryl! Seriously it will dry you up so fast. Sorry you are uncomfortable but yay for some freedom!

janet said...

Yeah!! way to produce that milk mama! I know a great way to get rid of it.. get thrush. It will dry you up. so glad to hear about the x-rays.

kiks said...

to dry up wrap your chests in cabbage leaves.had a friend do this and it was a success.