Sunday, May 9, 2010

celebrating the big TEN

jason and i went to park city for the weekend.
wish we could've celebrated somewhere exotic but time, money, and kids didn't permit. one day we'll go to hawaii.
we had a nice weekend away.
we relaxed, dined like royalty, shopped, slept in, jacquzzied, hiked, and relaxed.
i've forgotten how to relax since i've had children.
it was wonderful.

jason took this picture with his phone of me in a size 16 shoe.

our view

on our way home, the weather was beautiful and we decided to hike bridal veil falls. jason pulled out his new nikes. i was wearing dress flats not made for hiking but i managed. i want to bring the kids back.

happy ten years to us.


janet said...

fun! So glad you were able to get away. I hereby volunteer myself to hold down your fort while you two go to Hawaii. Give me a couple of months in advance and I will make it happen. and then when our kids are grown, we can all go together!

Cathy said...

Congrats on 10 yrs! looks like you guys had a fun weekend. Park City is one of my favorite places.

Tracy the GREAT said...

Looks like af nice relaxing time. You deserve it!

melissa said...

We're there this year too. Nothing exotic like Hawaii or anything either. Heck, we're mini van shopping so probably won't even make it to Park City!