Monday, May 31, 2010

six year tribute

karol hatch
dec 20, 1953- may 31 2004

(i have this description of her framed in my house)

loyal, supportive, enduring, persistent, artistic, patient, atheltic, loving, kind, beautiful, never complains, is fun and loves to laugh, great friend, has a special love for her parents, prayerful, has a lot of faith, an example to all, loves the gospel, devoted mother who loves and cares for her children unconditionally, is righteous and faithful in teaching her family, adorable baby sister and loved by all.

six years have passed and we have all changed. jake is married and living in nebraska. trevor remains close to the same :) just a college grad with a little more money! he is dating a cute girl at least. brady is married, a college graduate, and living the grown up life. baylee is grown up, smart, athletic, righteous. griffin is growing up, obedient, funny, and righteous. they are turning into everything you would ever want them to be. i am a mom!! i wish everyday i could share the joys of parenting with you. jason works a lot (that hasn't changed). i wish i could spend my spare time talking to you like the good old days. you were such a good listener and always made each of us feel so loved. i would ask you how you stayed so positive through all your trials? you endured so well and were such a good mother to all of us. i need to be better at following your example and finding joy in the little things. the longer time gets the harder it gets. right after your passing i went into survival mode. i had to be strong, right? not anymore. i can't help but think how much better life would be with you around. all of my daily struggles would seem lighter. i miss you whole heartedly. thank you for being our mother. thank you for teaching me. thank you for your example. life is uncontrollable but we are all who we are today because of you and i wouldn't change that. i love you and can't wait to see you again!! xoxo


The Shupe Ohana said...

you are amazing. i miss her too!

kiks said...

oh karlin, this is so touching. my heart breaks for your motherly loss. as moms we realize how much they really did and those who did it positivly were great examples. remember her mothering and mimic it cause apparently she did it love goes to you.

and you can always call me, then we could 3 way w little thacker sum. :)

val said...

loved your tribute karlin. what a sweet post.

janet said...

considering that I was crying BEFORE I read this, I am a mess now. What a touching post. I know you miss her so much and you ARE staying positive considering everything. You are so strong and many of those qualities written about your mom are the same for you. You are such a great mom to everyone-- and you love them all unconditionally.. that's more than your mom could ever ask. Love you Karlin! I was thinking of you and your mom this year...