Thursday, July 1, 2010

work, work, work = insanity

i am glad june is over!!
it was an insane month.
jason had huge deadlines that he sacrificed pretty much everything for... including his sleep.
below are the pictures to prove it.

this is no exaggeration...jason was working all day and night. he was coming home at 7 am after working all night and would crash for 3 hours and get up and do it all over again! i took this picture one morning after he got home from working all night. he literally walked in the door, hit the floor and crashed. he never sleeps without showering. he barely made it home. one night he fell asleep at the wheel and hit a side rail. scary. i was going insane at home getting no break at all. my childrens behavior was being affected as well. to top it all off we slept on a blow up mattress for 2 months!! jason has a bad back (i wonder why) and we sold our intellibed mattress to try something new and he was so busy with work we never had a chance to mattress shop. the best is the blow up mattress popped on us in the middle of night from being slept on so much! it was insanity. i'm looking forward to a new month. i think franklin's episode yesterday was a wake up call. we cannot continue living like this. here's to july and jason meeting his deadlines!


janet said...

the post is not funny, but the pictures are! I didn't know you were sleeping on a blow up mattress! Crazy. Do you have a new bed now?

kiks said...

shut up right now! did you freak when it popped? those kesslers are hard HARD workers!