Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hatch Family Reunion

My grandparents left an amazing legacy... 7 children (my mom being the youngest), 45 grandchildren (griffin being the 45th!), too many to count great grandchildren, and great, great grandchildren! Hundreds of us gathered together for 2 homemade meals, a program, and good old fashioned games. My kids were in heaven with so many activities to do and SO many kids around.

missionaries from the family

musical chairs

kids games

Every family was in charge of some type of skit/song for the program.
My brothers and I came up with this poem...

This is the story of Karol's children-

The oldest is Jake.
We think he married someone great.

Together we call them, "Angelake"
They live in Iowa,
while Angela is in dental school.
Jake installs atms,
they both have big hearts and are really cool!

The second in line is Karlin.
Jason thinks she's a better catch than a marlin.
She is now the Mom to us all.
From a 32 yr old to a baby who crawls.
Jason works hard to provide-
so much that he puts himself aside.
We are all grateful for what he has done.
We know our Mom accepts him as a son.

Avaree is their oldest.
She is five.
She is beautiful, charming and full of life.
Her personality is large and
she likes to be in charge!

Weston is the middle child.
He is three and wild.
The first time he rode on Daddy's tractor,
was a life changing factor.
He is very dramatic and
we think he's fantastic!

Franklin is the baby.
He just turned one.
After and allergic reaction,
we learned he can't eat peanuts,
not even a fraction.
He just learned to crawl and
will chase any ball.

Karol's third child is Trevor.
He thinks he is clever.
He likes adventure.
He is in sales and for the record,
he like girls not males!

Brady is number four.
He found a senorita to adore,
hopefully soon there will be more added to his family core.
For now he fills his purse,
working as a manly nurse.

Baylee is seventeen.
She'll be a senior and
has the best demeanor.
She's strong, sweet, smart and
follows her heart.
She loves to play ball and
never forgets to read her scriptures come night fall.

Griffin is fifteen.
He is starting Lone Peak High.

He is funny, obedient and
super fly for a white guy!
He is the best uncle,
always thoughtful and neat.
Without him our family wouldn't be complete.

Even though six years have passed,
The memories of our Mom's love still lasts.
And everytime we get together,
it reminds us that families are forever.
So today we reunite with cheer,
we can enjoy the feeling that our Mom is near.

The reunion was a great reminder of what a great thing, called family, that I belong too. My grandparents were amazing people. They played a huge role in my life as well as each of their grandchildren. They influenced many. They were dedicated to living the gospel and serving others. Their goodness still lives on through their legacy. I sure do miss them and my Mother! When people ask, how my siblings and I have turned out so well considering circumstances? I can honestly answer them, because we belong to an amazing extended family!!