Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Las Vegas Market

I went on a 2 day trip to Las Vegas Market. My aunts are interior designers (Pace Interiors) and they invited me along to see the latest trends in furniture, which I love to do. I'm so glad I went! It's fun to dream. The trends that stood out to me were... linen and burlap, grey colored/lighter distressed woods, and you can mix & match...

When Deanne and Michelle found out that I had never been to a show... we ran down the strip with bags and all to make it to one. It was totally worth it!
I love these ladies!

I really needed this trip.
After being with these two for 2 days,
I came back refreshed & motivated to be better.
Michelle and Deanne are great people
that I'm grateful to have in my life!