Tuesday, April 12, 2011

spring break part 1

the zoo with the cantarero's.

since we were being such "good moms" and read the sign about being quiet before entering to see the giraffes, they offered to let just us feed the giraffes. my kids loved it.

franklin being silly.
check out all those boys' perfect teeth.

franklin was giggling out loud for the whole carousel ride! it was a great parenting moment.

we spoke too soon about being "good moms" because we ended the day losing weston!

weston is a natural wanderer. he likes to be independent and will not hold my hand, ever! he is really hard to take places. we let the kids play at the playground (which by the way is a horrible playground to watch your kids. it is long and skinny with outlets at both ends)! everytime i am there someone loses a child. unfortunately, this time it was me! it was crowded and i knew i had to keep my eye on weston. it all happened so fast. i searched the playground up and down and he was no where in sight! my heart was pounding and i knew he was missing. on my way to get help, i saw him walking with the zoo security. i've never been so happy to see my child! i just hugged him and cried. i didn't want to ever let him go. i could see the fear on his tear streaked face. they found him at the entrance gate. later he told me that he was going out to the parking lot to see if my car was still there. it was a scary moment, i never want to relive. i'm hoping he learned his lesson but he still likes to wander.


Jeff and Megan said...

I'm not looking forward to lost children in the future. I lost the dog outside once and bawled, so it's only going to go down hill from there. Glad you found him!