Sunday, April 3, 2011

still sick

franklin is still sick. i took him to the drs. on monday and got an antibiotic for his ear infection. i gave it to him faithfully but he still was not feeling better, so we went back to the drs. on saturday. this time his right ear had healed but his left ear had a bad infection. they cleaned some gunk out of his ear and gave us a stronger antibiotic. i hope this one works! he has been a trooper but the past couple of days have been rough. he's been waking up in the middle of the night with ear curdling screams. no amount of cuddling can seem to calm him down. last night watching sesame street in the middle of the night did the trick.

weston stayed home from preschool with a cough all week too. it was actually fun spending time together with nothing too pressing on the agenda. jason had leftover doughnuts from a work meeting. i told weston he could have one but they all looked so good, he had to try a bite of them all.

we had a couple nice days of weather this past week. all of our snow had melted but we are covered again. i am hoping we have a healthier week ahead of us and the snow melts again, fast!


Azy said...

Gus gets ear infections too. I dont understand them at all. where do they come from & why do they never go away? seriously no fun :/

Tracy the GREAT said...

Hope you guys get well soon! Let's get the kids together to play. Are you here over spring break?

Harbach Family said...

We are sending Franklin hugs and kisses... I hope he feels better soon!