Thursday, February 7, 2008

Why do I live here??

I am asking myself this question daily. We have had SO much snow. We have averaged 2 to 3 HUGE snow storms a week for the past couple of months. I am SNOWED IN at least 3 times a week. I hate driving in it and the roads have been horrible, especially our street. There are days I CANNOT leave our house in my van if I wanted to. I am starting to go crazy! My kids are going stir crazy! On Sunday, all our church meetings were even cancelled! How often does that happen? It was actually kind of fun but some of the downfalls to the snow are...

1. Jason and his crew work in it. They are way less productive and are stuck shoveling snow half the day. Plus it is FREEZING!
2. Jason backed into his brothers' car because he could not SEE him.
3. Last week the wind was so strong that it blew the snow onto my street as high as my car. I could NOT get out and I missed Baylee's basketball game.
4. We can't keep the motion sensor for our garage door working because it is always covered in snow.
5. Everything is wet and muddy, making it impossible to keep my floors clean and forget about having a clean car!
6. 2 days ago, I got stuck in my friends driveway for over an hour. I had Jason and 3 men trying to get me out. We finally got out but I missed another one of Baylee's games, and I ruined my NEW boots because I hadn't waterproofed them yet!
7. Yesterday morning I attempted to take Griffin to his orthodontist appt but had to turn around because the roads were so bad and there were tons of accidents.
8. Oh, and I almost forgot... we had a big leak from where our roof lines meet and is iced over, as the ice melts, down comes the water into our house. Good thing I have a whiz for a husband and he can fix anything. He has a solution but it's still work and a mess!

See why I am going CRAZY? I don't mean to be negative but this winter has been way worse than normal. I can't wait for it to let up. I need to take up snowboarding or something but it is hard with little kids, plus it is expensive. Here are some fun pictures to give you an idea of what I am dealing with...

Our house is buried.

The walkway to our front door... it is so slick it is deadly.

A street in the neighborhood (after it had been widened by a plow)

This is in a parking lot (that is not a hill behind Griffin) Where is that boys coat?

Love that.

Love that too... the bench is as high as the house.

Isn't that classic?

Is the gorgeous view worth it? I don't know.

I randomly snapped this picture from my family room the other day. Isn't it cool seeing the clouds come in? Anyway, Jason and I are staying sane by heading on a much needed WARM vacation to Acapulco in about a week!


Sunny said...

I cannot believe all of that snow. My mom said there had been major snowstorms - but I wasn't expecting that!!! Wow, stay safe and warm up there!

Jared and Lindsey said...

Oh my Gosh I can't believe all the snow! I love the mailboxes in the snow, that is hilarious. You do need that vacation!!! Have fun.

janet said...

The pictures are GREAT!! I know it's been more snow that normal, but any snow sucks. Seriously... you can always go back up for a ski trip. Just move closer to us! It's so nice and sunny today. We went to the park in short sleeve shirts! This is MY kind of winter. Come on! Let's compromise and go to St. George..

sorry to hear about your boots.

Kelly N. said...

Wow that looks crazy! But to be honest, I would love to live in your house, I will trade you for a few weeks. You come and enjoy the 70 degree weather here in AZ!

Todd, Janelle & Sydney said...

I'm feeling your misery!!!!! I'm so ready for spring. Can I come with you on vacation? I'll just squeeze into your suitcase!! At least today the sun has been shining the whole day!! Hope it was in your neighborhood too!

summer said...

Two words... MOVE BACK!!! I have heard that it has been a harsh winter in Utah! We were up in the Big Bear snow this weekend and it was 75 degrees up there! I hear you on the muddy, dirty thing. My car is a WRECK now! Your vacation will be great and I am sure all this snow is worth it to be in that FAB house of yours!!! Can't wait to come see it in May! XOXO

RaeLynn said...

HOOOOOOLY SWEET pictures!! Wow, those are priceless! Love the stop sign, the mailboxes, and heck they are all good. Good way to document all the snow storms! What I wouldn't give to get the heck out of Utah right now...

Sara Decker said...

I cannot believe that snow in front of your house!!! I would be so scared to live up there on the hill, you know i'm a wimp driving in the snow. How scary. I hope it will stop snowing so you can get out and so you can be safe.

Tristie said...

i love the pictures. your house so so pretty, Kar. i am so glad that avaree is p.trained! congrats. that is such a great feeling. and 20 bucks a month or more back into your pocket. Wa hoo.