Monday, February 4, 2008

Linda and Ed

Jason's Mom and her husband were in town over the weekend trying to finalize some decisions on their home Jason is building. They made some decisions but it looks like Linda will be back in a couple of weeks. Can't wait until they live close!

Weston and Jason 'cheesin' it... Weston pulls the funniest faces but he doesn't look like Jason does he?

Another one of my best friends, Hillary and I

We had a house full for the Super bowl. Here is a picture of Avaree with Jason's cousins' kids... Lindsey and Samantha. It was a great game even though I didn't watch most of it. I was too busy eating, watching kids, and socializing with Jason's fam.


janet said...

it will be so great to have them living close to you!! How cute is that picture of Weston and Jason? and I love the one of you and Hill..

way to go keeping your blog updated! You are a pro!