Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Gatherings

Gathering #1 was with my favorite gals from the neighborhood!

Good food, girls only, relaxing, lots of laughing, and the $10 gift exchange makes this one of my favorite parties of the year!

If you could only hear Rachelle's laugh. I will record it one day. It's contagious.

Gathering #2- lunch with old friends in town.

Gathering #3- party at my house with my highschool girlfriends and their families.

I made Cafe Rio burritos, then we opened presents with oven mits, did a gift exchange, and stayed up way too late... 4 a.m to be exact. Time flies when you are having fun.

Look at all the kids and our group is only growing.


I could keep little Bentley all to myself.

The BEST news of the week is this little guy TY is a perfect match for his sister Emma!! We are so excited. Now we are praying for a successful transplant.


janet said...

party, party, party! Thanks for letting us party at your place. Dinner was delish and the company was even better... especially at 4 am. And I am SO sorry about the carpet. ugh.

Happy Holidays, Kesslers!

ps. we loved the oven mits present opening game. We played it again on Christmas Eve.

Josie said...

wow. this is another post i can't read without crying...

Tell Emma and her mom I love them!!

summer said...

LOVE all these fun celebrations! Isn't it sad when it is over so quick?

Josie said...

see, i didn't delete it!!!