Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Jason's Moms. It was nice to only travel down the street and she is great to invite all my siblings along.

Jason's sister Josie was in town from Southern Cal and stayed with us all weekend.

We were just seeing what Jason would look like with hair.

That is Weston's prayer face... so cute. He totally concentrates.

Baylee and Trevor wiped out after the BIG meal... SO wiped out that Trevor didn't even notice Avaree decorating his hair with polly pockets.

Josie drinking water with a polly pocket head in it, thanks to Weston.

This boy is always getting into something... my purse and my make up drawer are his favorites. Jason is a little worried. It's just mischief right?

Dessert was the best part for these two. Weston has such a sweet tooth.

mischief again... don't tell Grandmere.

Ed's friend, Don Tomnitz, and his family were in town for Thanksgiving too. Don is the CEO of D.R. Horton. Jason loved talking with the top homebuilder in the nation! They were a nice family. We spent the next day in Park City with them. Don and his wife celebrated their 37th anniversary and treated us to a very nice dinner!

Never too cold for ice cream on Main Street.

Told you he has a sweet tooth.

Emma got out of PCMC on Friday after Thanksgiving but needed to get another treatment the following Monday so her and her Mom and her Grandma (which is my aunt) stayed with us for the weekend. We loved having them around and are looking forward to many more visits over the next few years.

Emma was patient with Avaree who wanted to be by her side at all times. Don't they look alike?

We played several games of Loaded Questions and a game of Trivial Pursuit for Jason. Busy weekend but fun. Here comes Christmas.


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i made a blog. . .