Monday, March 9, 2009

Burley Bound

Jason was in Burley last week helping my cousin, Lana, get her flooring done on her house. I couldn't pass up the oppurtunity to drive up for a couple of days to see Jason and go to one of my favorite places on earth!

The kids eating airheads after stopping at a gas station to use the bathroom. Their was a sign on the bathroom door that said "paying customers only." So the kids got a treat out of it. They both traveled surprisingly well. Avaree was so excited to stay in a hotel!

Gibbon's new home

At my favorite place, View Cemetary.

It was cold.

I love this picture. I love those trees and on the right of my Mother's headstone is her parents headstone (the best grandparents ever)!

This cemetary is literally in the middle of no where surrounded by beautiful mountains. It's so peaceful.

Swimming at the hotel

Love that Weston is actually looking at the camera and smiling in this pic.

Exhausted on the way home and yes, Weston was sweating in his coat but he wouldn't let me take it off. Some battles are just not worth it.

It is always fun to spend a couple of days in my Mom's hometown and reflect on the many good memories I have of her and my Grandparents.


Dorothy said...

I love those places that you can feel such an amazing peace. I bet you wish it was closer sometimes! I love road trips they are so much fun especially with your family! I hope your are feeling well. You look great!


I went to see Lynn Ann and was quite thanks for the recommendation! Also love the pics of the kids sleeping..priceless!

Amanda said...

i think about you all the time. i love to see how happy you and your little/big family is doing. thank you for your example.....

ryanandsarali said...

Karlin...seeing those pictures makes me want to go Burley again...& soon! I love it too. Lots of wonderful memories of wonderful people are there. I'm glad you had the chance to spend some time there. I love reading about your little family. Congrats on another boy on the way!!! That is so great! You are doing such a good job. You are amazing...& look fabulous by the way!! :) Hope you are feeling good. Take care. Love, Sarali

kiks said...

I'm totally tearing up at this post. how sweet that you bring your kids there to feel connected to their grandmother. you are incredible Karlin.

Tracy said...

I love that you actually complied with the "paying customers only" sign! You definitely are a woman of integrity!

janet said...

I cried while looking at all these pictures... my emotions are always getting the best of me.

what a good trip. I know you the cemetery isn't exactly close to you, but it's located perfectly. The pictures are beautiful and I am sure it's good to GET AWAY and be able to spend that time really thinking about your mom and what a wonderful influence she was on your life. I really love Burley, too!

Azy said...

looks like a special little trip you had there with your fam!
lets do lunch soon, i miss you!
<3 azy

Tracy the GREAT said...

I don't know how you do it. What a special place..... and so great that you can share that with your kids. They will treasure it as much as you do. I know your mom is soooo proud of you. You are an amazing person.