Monday, March 16, 2009

Draper Temple Open House

Of course we waited until the last possible night to go to the open house for the Draper Temple. It was packed everyday and we live so close we just kept putting it off but I really wanted to take Avaree. Unfortunately she came down with something again so I almost didn't bring her but I'm glad I did (thanks to Tylenol). It actually ended up being kind of nice because she was really calm. The temple was packed but we went with Jason's family and his step Mom has a disability so we got treated like royalty and were able to forgo a lot of the waiting and lines.

The temple is beautiful. I'm so excited to have it finished and so close!! We don't have any excuses now. It is closer to our house than any convienent store, grocery store, or school. I pretty much drive pass it everyday to go anywhere. What a blessing. We are spoiled.

Not the best family picture but it's all I could get Jason and the kids to pose for.


Brooke said...

That temple is really beautiful and the paintings are amazing. We really are spoiled- 4 within view in this valley.

Dorothy said...

I have heard nothing but amazing things. I was going to go with our Youth and of course that had to be the time during our RSV drama! Can't wait till I can go for real! Hope you are feeling well!

janet said...

it's interesting how many people from Vegas have traveled up for the open house... but most of my friends and family who live there had a hard time making it to the open house. I wish we could have gone. I think we will make a trip for the Oquirrh Mountain.

I am so glad Jason's family went through AND that you didn't have to wait long!