Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Since Brandon was leaving... it was a good excuse to get everyone on Jason's side together. His sisters came from Texas and California for the weekend. It was fun to have everyone together since it doesn't happen all that often.

Fortunately we had some Spring weather on Saturday. Windy but warm enough to BBQ at the park. The Spring weather didn't last though and we got snow on Sunday and Monday.

The kids had fun feeding the horses.

I don't know if you can tell in this picture but this horse had one blue eye and one brown eye.

Avaree, my animal lover.

Avaree realized that her fort had a hole in it. (The blanket was a poncho).

Linda and Abe (a family friend)

The kick soccer teams... I attempted to play pregnant and in sandals but after one kick I ended up on kid duty.

The fam.

These two adore each other and are exhausted after a day of playing non stop.

On Monday we hit up the local aquarium. (not pictured... the shark)

Avaree was bummed she couldn't reach to touch the sting rays. The star fish cheered her up though.

This is what happens when I attempt to go places during nap time.

notice the turtle?

Someone is happy now after Grandmere offered to buy the kids something from the gift shop!

It was a fun weekend spending it with some of the people that we love most. We are always sad when it comes to an end... until next year or hopefully sooner!!


Jared, Lindsey and Aven said...

What a stud Jasons' brother is. Lindseys brother spent 1.5 years over there, and I respect that so much. We will keep him in our thoughts.

janet said...

what a BIG thing for Jason's brother to go! You and your fam are always busy. But I love that you can see more of Jason's family without traveling..

ps. love Weston's tantrum. things like that need to be recorded-- so they understand someday what stinkers they are!

Dorothy said...

Props to Jason's Brother!!! What an amazing sacrafice! It's always so nice to be with family! It's what I thrive on! I love all you r pics. I love to see Happy Families enjoying their time with one another. We love the aquarium, Zion goes nuts in there. Sorry about the missing shark, according to my son it's in his bum and it bit him! (this is what he says when he gets rashes) You look great. Hope you are feeling as so!!!

kiks said...

oh, how i miss john & paulette! we are hopefully going to see them at the end of april for a d-land trip and creed's 1st b.day. av & aud look like they could be twins. when are you guys going to come out for a d-land vaca?