Thursday, April 16, 2009


I love it when your friend calls you on a Tuesday afternoon after you've been cleaning all day to see if you want to go out for dinner and to the Britney Spears concert! Becky's hubby got free tickets at his work and she knew she couldn't take her daughters so Alison and I got the privilege of going.

Alison, Becky, and I

Needless to say we didn't fit in the crowd. These were the girls in front of us.

The people watching was the best part for me. These 2 guys were my favorite. They would sing and dance to EVERY song!

The Pussycat Dolls opened for Britney and actually did good. She can really sing.

Britney on the other hand... I felt bad for her. It was entertaining and I'll confess I do like her music but the performance was so trashy. I couldn't help but wonder what this world is coming too and the things our children are going to have to face. It made me that much more grateful for my beliefs and for the gospel standards.

It was still a fun girls nights! Thanks Becky and Brent.


janet said...

A girl I visit teach is one of Brittney's dancers/acrobats...

and so funny about those boys singing and dancing. weren't they like 5 when she was a big thing?

and you're so right about what our kids have to deal with... it's scary!

Dorothy said...

I wanted to goto the concert. But I also heard things were a little on the trashy side! My Hubby and I were talking about this the other day. As the world gets worse we realize more and more each day how strong the gospel will need to be in our home and in our lives! I fear for my kiddos each day!!! I am so grateful that my parents gave me the foundation I have! Hope you and feti #3 are doing well!

Lisa said...

We are going to her concert here in Chicago next tuesday. I too like her music , but do not look forward to the "trashyness"
I too feel bad for our kids :(

kiks said...

With our morals and standards, our kids will be fine. but lemme tell ya, Summer and I saw three 4 year olds at the anaheim concert... what the heck were their parents thinking?!!

Janessa said...

Wow! Just from the pics looks like something pornographic. Crazy! Not that I don't love Britney's music though. I would have gone for free for sure.

Jana said...

I was there too! And I felt the same. I've loved Britney all these years and I just don't understand why she wants to be a stripper! It was like okay you can dance nasty...we all get it move on! But it was a fun night out w/ the girls!