Thursday, April 30, 2009

Supercross 2009

One advantage to having Erin Bates from the Speed Network and Andy Bell from Nitro Circus as your neighbors is you get free Supercross tickets!

Utah weather is crazy. One day it is Spring, the next it is Winter.


janet said...

fun, fun, fun! I am jealous that you guys get to hang out together. I bet the Supercross was awesome.

ps cute scarf and jacket

Tracy said...

We had a super warm day today, but who knows what tomorrow will bring. The weather is difficult to predict here too!

Brooke said...

Fun! And loud I can imagine :)

Shannon said...

That is so awesome! No wonder why Nitro Circus is always being filmed in Utah!

What a fun night!

kiks said...

holy crap! i had no ides you were neighbors with andy bell. we never miss an episode of nitrus circus. my brother in law would have flipped to be there.

when are you going to start showing already?!! you look adorable.