Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Easter weekend we attempted our neighborhood Easter egg hunt but the kids weren't able to do much hunting (the eggs were gone fast and notice the snow?). At least they got to see the Easter Bunny!

Weston wasn't sure what to think of our furry friend at first...

but he warmed up and wanted a picture too.

"Okay, one last picture Mom. It's cold!"

Off to meet Daddy for lunch. We stopped to get gas and lately anytime we stop Avaree has to get out of her seat. It's driving me crazy but she is so darn cute.

We found a bed of tulips! My fave.

After lunch the girls headed to the mall for Prom shopping.

Back home to color eggs!

Time for bed, so the Easter bunny can come.

Easter Sunday, we went to church,

came home for lunch and to find Easter baskets.

Then we ended the day at Grandmere and Grandudes with a yummy dinner (I didn't have to cook) and more celebrating.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


janet said...

cute pics, kar. I always think of you when I see tulips!


I have to laugh..you see the dump truck in the background of one of your pics..we have that and Owen has completely ruined all our walls with that thing!!! Your kiddos are adorable!

Tracy the GREAT said...

Looks like so much fun. Happy Easter a little belated!