Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nine Years

Today was a good day.
I woke up to Jason telling me Happy Anniversary and to some thoughtful gifts.

Then we headed out the door to Avaree's dance class and oops, I forgot her shoes!

The weather was beautiful so we ate lunch at the park.

We closed and funded on a house Jason has been working on non stop for the past 2-3 weeks... literally 7 am to midnight. He's worked himself sick and I've hardly seen him.

It turned out great.

We celebrated with a nice dinner out and a little bit of shopping and oh how I LOVE this man!! He is my best friend and my favorite person to spend time with. We've been staying up way too late because we are both talkers and by the time he gets home from work we have so much to talk about! I'm grateful for the person he is and for how much we have grown together the past 9 years.

Since I'm such a good wife... I let him go to Lake Mead for the weekend with the guys from work. They deserved a weekend away but now so do I!


janet said...

Happy Anniversary, K&J! So glad you had a good day! And even though 9 years is a long times, doesn't it seem like forever ago?? Your wedding was really special.

ps. Avaree's hair is so long!

Azy said...

wow! nine years!!!? i love it :) it sounds like a great day to celebrate. Congrats lil lady, you and jason are the best together forever!!!