Thursday, May 28, 2009


We started our day with breakfast with the Decker's (Wade and Sara). Avaree took a liking to their boys. She is not a shy one...

Bennett and Avaree

Poor Grayson on bottom... We LOVE you guys too and are determined to get you to move to Utah one of these days!

After breakfast we headed to Irvine Cove... a PRIVATE beach!! Thanks to Jared, Lindsey and little Aven. It was the highlight of our trip. I am still dreaming about it.

Excited little Avaree.

The beach house was awesome.

Our friends the Collings (Chad and Kristi) met up with us too. Our kids had fun getting to know each other... Avaree and Cascia.

Bay and Griff aren't use to the cold, salty ocean water or how to tackle the waves.

This is the life.

The girls checking out the sea lions.

Aren't they cute? Avaree's been pretending to be one ever since.

Oh the life, again.

There were cool caves to explore in.

Baylee and Josephine (Jason's little sis who is our only family member left in Southern Cal).

I'm so glad they have each other.

I'm so glad I have her (and Griffin) too.

Kristi and I. (I know, what am I thinking standing next to her 8 mos pregnant in a swimsuit?)

The fam

Sorry for the picture overload... it's not everyday we are at a PRIVATE beach!

Love you Jason.

Later that night we had dinner with more good friends, Jason and Danielle Hall. After dinner it was time to pack up for a LONG trip home!


janet said...

The pictures of the beach are awesome. I am sure the kids LOVED the sea lions. My fave pic is of you and Jason kissing.. that one needs to go in baby #3's scrapbook.

kiks said...

such an AWESOME beach. you guys really have the connections. best baby bump around my dear...

Josie said...

hey Karlin...I'm really bad at this blogging do I add you as a friend? or anyone for that matter...please help! thanks (oh, and i'm leaving the message under this blog because I don't know where else it would go!) Love you.

Sara Decker said...

Where are Grayson's legs in that picture, he was getting crushed and didn't even care! Thanks again for the breakfast date, we had a blast. Everytime we drive by the hotel now Bennett says, "that is Avaree's hotel". They seemed to like each other, hope we can see you in July when we come through.