Friday, June 19, 2009

Equipro Open House

We started the morning off with Jon and Hans from 1280 The Zone broadcasting live.

Zach Eastman, Hans, Jason, Jon, and Lori Rice.

In the afternoon KFAN was there broadcasting live. Craig Bolerjack filled in for David Locke.

Caleb Eastman, Jason, Craig Bolerjack, and Zach Eastman.

We also had Jack FM there broadcasting live. Hopefully the word is getting out!

The Carlos Boozer tennis ball toss made by Todd McBride was a hit! It was kind of hard and Weston got the ball through his mouth on his second try. I've got to add that I got the ball through before Jason too...

Avaree kept herself entertained by finding snails.

And insisted I take a picture of them.

Weston got to sit in the fastest car around!

All in all it turned out really good. Thanks to all those who came to support us. We'd appreciate any referrals you could send our way. We are keeping it small and personal to guarantee the best service possible. Now it's business time!